Ragarnok Offline?

Started by Garlyle, Jun 21, 2007, 04:59 AM

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Quote from: Pandora on Jun 22, 2007, 09:39 AM
Yeah a txt server is not recomended for an open server, but if it's just for yourself it's great, and its much less of a hassle. You can skip the static ip part, like I said, just use as ip in your sclientinfo

If you take the SVN as it is, it'll have rates 1/1/1 and all the basic npcs and configurations.

Just browse thru que conf folder if you want to customize some stuff. Check eAthena forums I recall they have an "easy setup guide" its like 5 steps or something.

The eAthena boards a bit hard to navigate, and aren't that clear. Where could I find the download with a readme/instructions? Thanks.
Stop posting, dammit.


And to think the layout has changed a bunch of times already to make it easier!
Hmm, look for the server-side forums, there should be one there called 'guides' or similar, you should be able to find quick set up guides in there.

Even though... now that I read that forum, there's so many guides O_@; There should be an "easy, simple, dirty-quick" guide out there.. maybe you need to ask for help if you can't find it. eA is easy to set up when you know how (it WILL work even if you don't touch any of the config files to change the defaults), but I find it hard to believe there's no guide to tell you that.

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