Gms abuse in ScytheRO

Started by HENDERCH, Jun 18, 2007, 01:12 PM

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Im posting to report a foul play in ScytheRO.

What happened is... someone reported me to GMs saying that I was spamming SG with my wizzard and gave KS in him. Of course spam SG is not prohibited in any server, I was just lvling my char and gave KS in no one.
But, what was more incredible is that, when the other player reported me, 3 GMs of the server warped me and warned me to not KS anymore, I became scared because i think, at least, that only a very big fault can make 3 GMs come to advertise you (GMs, in general, are busy ppl, i think).
And, to complete the episode, the person who reported me had no evidence of KSing. I complained and said that i didnt do that but GMs seem to not believe in me and advertised to not KS because if it would happen again i could be suspended.
I asked why they believed in the other player and not in me and said that i didnt want warnings, because there was no justification and no evidence to that but GM exploded my head  ???
(GMs in ScytheRO like to explod the head of players I saw that many times, they exploded my head twice, the first time was when I send PM to a GM and she exploded me and said to not annoy her).
After all, when I began to complain hardly, GM muted my char and began to tell me off.

I had nothing more to do, I just dislogged my char and deleted the game of my computer, and I pretend to dont go to ScytheRO anymore.

I found it a very grave foul because they cant punish with no evidence.


And here I thought this was going to be a report of a player abusing a GM.  ;D

At any rate, I think it would be good if the GMs responded to this.  It seems fishy that three GMs, all at once, would reprimand a player with no evidence at all... I'm sure there's part of the story we're not hearing.


Yea, I don't think that's the whole story.

Also, are you using a English translator or is English not your first language?
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Off topic a bit... But in the world, just a few people have the english as their first language. Indeed, english is not my first language (and I dont want to spend a lot of my time learning that, sry).

Anyway, what happened is that, 3 GMs warped me to advertise me to not KS (I dont know if is necessary to say the name of the GMs, but I can say their names). And it was very unconfortable, GMs advertising me in front of many players that was in the same map.
The more incredible was that they didnt have any evidence of KSing and they didnt believe in me, only in the other player. I dont know who was the other person.

And the point of exploding heads, you can ask to any player of the server, they usually do that, what Im not agree.


Sorry, it was just a question that I wanted to ask cause your English sounds like my French.

There's not much you can do now, other than move on to a better server.
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Either you have selective memory, or you're purposefully not telling half the story.  We were all watching for bots and KSers on multiple maps at the time one individual used @request to report being KSed in the Gold Room by someone who kept spamming SG and warping away over and over.  So since three GM's were online, and we were all actively checking for bots and KSers we just all came to the person who reported you.  We never planned to take any action against you, and even told you that multiple times (though I doubt you understand much English without a website translator).  Even while we were talking to the person who reported it, you continued to KS by spamming SG on his mob.  I simply said "Please Don't KS" and you got extremely defensive and started questioning if any KS report ever made was valid.  Even though we said multiple times that we weren't going to punish you and that it was only a warning, you continued to flame the person who reported you calling him a "noob" several times.  We calmly talked with you for at least 20 minutes before you just started repeating the same thing over and over like "WHY DO YOU BELIEVE HIM!!" and kept repeating yourself.  It was a very rare occasion, but I did use the nuke command once to attempt to calm this person down.  Even knowing that he was never going to be punished with a mute or ban, he still continued to debate if any KS report is valid.  After that the person logged off and wrote a bad review when all he had to do was say "ok" when I said "Please Don't KS" and that would have been the end of it, just like all the other KS reports.  If you're going to get upset about something, you need to get your facts straight first.  GM's don't abuse their powers here, and if you don't understand English then you need to tell people that before you start flaming in English.  Another thing, this isn't even the right forum to be posting this topic.  This is for reporting servers with out-dated information and things that would concern RateMyServer.


Actually, this seems like the proper section.

So 2 opposite version of the story, hopefully this does not start any flame over who is right/wrong.
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