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Server Owners, how do you deal with this?

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So, I've got a low population server that is growing slowly... But I occasionally encounter a toxic type of player. They will login to Discord, complain about how you can't heal, buff and change stats with commands... then rage quit when no one replies in 5 minutes. Has RO really come down to this? Where new players expect god like characters handed to them on a silver platter? I feel like I went out of my way to make my server newbie friendly, always reply to Discord messages, etc... There are tutorials, everything is well documented... I'm 100% upfront about what kind of server it is, I hide nothing. Yet, I still get users like this. Any advice?

a) Ignore them and they leave.
b) Tell them if they don't like it, they can go somewhere else, there's hundreds of other servers waiting for his tantrums.
c) Ban him and laugh (My personal favourit)

There will always be entitled and spoiled players who think it has to be all about how they want to play on the server and that the game should be how they want it, but are too lazy or have not enough knowledge to make their own server.

So I'd say just ignore them, once they learn that they won't get what they want they either leave or accept it and keep on playing, biggest mistake is to give in and change all the stuff they want just so you don't lose that single player or the donations, it's not worth it in the long run imo. .

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I've found that if you try to change a bunch of stuff for those types of players, they just end up leaving anyway. I can understand players wanting to test certain builds quickly... But that has no place on a server balanced for semi-authentic feeling gameplay. Half the fun of RPGs (for me anyway) is watching your character grow, figuring out how to spec your job, finding the best gear, etc. I don't understand the "Veruca Salt" mentality...

Always stay true to your server vision. No matter what you do you will never please everyone.

(Of course if you're uncertain about something, can always get player feedback.)


--- Quote from: behelit on Dec 29, 2020, 10:35 am ---I can understand players wanting to test certain builds quickly...
--- End quote ---
You could just offer a test server for this.


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