server discusion (for actual RO actife player's)

Started by laecertus, Oct 14, 2006, 10:50 AM

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well let s discuss this each one here will post a server with his criteria and other ppl will give a server name depending on the info's he gave let s begin with me

rates= anything
woe= at least 2 times a week
population=VERY POPULATED :D
class balance= sure if u know what it is :/
max lvl = 99/70 for advanced
and a stat reseter >.<
so im searching a server with max lvl 99/70 and it must BE VERY POPULATED :D
if you have a serv name for me write ti down :/
and if u are searching a server we will try to help u :D


The only server I can think of that may meet your requirements that I've played on... would be TrinityRO. It has a HR server 10k/10k/100 and a MR server 75/75/25 (20 for cards).

The MR has a decent community and is PK. The HR I'm not too sure about, but I think it's currently more populated than the MR. Class balance.. well probably as balanced as most servers out there.

The only real problem I had there is a group who wouldn't leave my guild alone, harassing us, etc, so we left. Another problem was the Admin. I think he's trying, but he does tend to make many mistakes and is almost impossible to get ahold of. Max lvl for both is 99/70.
(If you want anymore info please let me know, I can also give you the site link if you need it.)

Well.... I'm somewhat content with my new server, except that I'm getting a bit bored, so I'll see if someone can come up with something of my specifications XD

Rates: Anywhere from 40-90/40-90/20-50
WoE: Two times a week... >.>... I'd specify times but most server times are different.
Population: Somewhat populated, anywhere from 50-400. (Big crowded servers scare me >: )
Class Balance: >.>.... Is there really such a thing?
Max Lvl: 99/70 for basic and advanced.
GM's: MUST BE CARING, helpful, and nice...

Ad on's: Resetter is fine, healer is fine, stylist is a must have, gunslinger/ninja would be nice, customs are okay-but they can't be overpowering.

XD Haha, I feel picky. If anyone finds something promising let me know =p I've yet to find anything fit to my needs XD


yeah delivrance RO 50/50/25 max lvl 255/70 (but the most powerfull guy is a lvl 116 can't do more with  these rates x_x)
:o poulated :D  300-500 3woe' s a week specialy good for est time zone ;:D (admin sucks but forget him he only rules the forum /gg hopefully :D   he s a freakin serious ban nazy but the subgm's are nice :D )
donation item = wings with + 1 all stat :/
and a frekin quest :/ to reborn it s a custom quest that requires you to gather many items and then to give them to a valkiri then to fight fenrir and take his drop to reborn x_x
love trinity RO :D


Hmm... it sounded promising except for the max lvl xD which is what I mainly want (for the most for) but I'll take a look anyways =p and I'm glad you liked my suggestion ^^


Trinity RO is malaysian based right ?

Alot of people i used to play with were malaysian and i think they went there after the server i gmed on died.. heard it was pretty fun.

Might play there one day ;)


nope still alive with 249 ppl  all the time (min) :D