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Author Topic: Server Concept  (Read 3932 times)

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Re: Server Concept
« Reply #15 on: Oct 12, 2018, 12:45 am »
What Blinzer wanted to say:
What's the difference between putting 1000x rates, set max level to 9001 and make all monsters harder and putting rates to 0.01x, do no other changes and call it limitless.

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Offline Sarin

Re: Server Concept
« Reply #16 on: Oct 24, 2018, 06:06 am »
Interesting concept. The question is, will community enjoy it? In my experience, one of biggest problems in getting new players once server is running is the catch up of new players. RO level system makes this even worse, since every new level gives more stat points than the last, and thus the difference between old new players will always be significant in such system. In regular server, you can get on equal level and get competitive equipment in same time it takes an established player to improve the same equipment by much smaller margin, so as time passes, the new player can bring the difference between him and older players to neglible level. This dynamic is necessary to keep new players coming.

It's not insurmountable problem, I think, but one that has to be dealt with before more specific balancing-I can think of few skills that don't rise in power with higher stats same way as most skills do, so they might become too big nukes.