Started by mhanns, Mar 03, 2012, 12:16 AM

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Ser, nde po ksi ko mgling mg english kaya po ng tagalog ako. hmm. report ko lang po c Jhake Santos, May ari po ng ZetaRo. ngdonate po ksii ako, ung gnmit ko na account. tinanong nya po skin ung user pass ko. edi binigay ko nmn. kase me tiwala nmn ako sa knya ksi nga po sya ung me ari ng ZetaRo. nun ng email na po skin ung [email protected] na nasent na daw nila ung gmit ko sa account e. pg tingen ko po don wala nmn. nde ko pa nmn ngagalaw ung account ko na yon dhil nsa school ako. kung pde lang po ser. kausapin nyo c ser Jhake Santos na ibigay na ung donate ko. tska me pinagusapan na po kme non e.lage kme mgkatxt at mgkachat non. tas nun hinabol ko ung 2k yon simula khpon nde na xa ngrply or ng pm skin. paki ayos nmn po. salamat po.  /wah

-Manuelito Alvarez


I don't understand, prehaps you could translate it to english?


Doesn't look like google translate is helpful at all:

Ser, nde po ksi english so I mgling mg po Tagalog me. hmm. report po c jhake Santos, owner po ZetaRo. ngdonate ksii please me, i do gnmit account. nya i asked user please pass my skin. I provide EDI nmn. Kase trust me I knya nmn po ksi that she owns me i ZetaRo. Nun email please i [email protected] skin that nasent that they Daw gmit my account i e. pg tingen I do not nmn po. I nmn nde account ngagalaw i I i Yon dhil NSA school. If only PDE po ser. talk nyo jhake Santos c ser i give that I donate. tska me discussing po non e.lage KME KME mgkatxt and non mgkachat. I pursued Nun laws Yon 2k i start to khpon nde xa ngrply pm or the skin. please order nmn po. Thanks. / wah



Using my might powers of I don't understand tagalog I think it's something around this.

QuoteSir, sorry for posting in tagalog but I don't understand english good enough to do a full post on that language.
I'm reporting Jhake Santos, owner of ZetaRO. He asked me to give my password and id to get donates at ZetaRO.
With the following email - [email protected] he got the money and scammed us and gave no donates.
I wasted 2k yon in this.

Manuelito Alvarez

PS - I used a tagalog dictionary that I found around at google to get this lol so don't expect to be even 1% good or complete  /heh


Good job Tripper.  Looks like a serious case?

Did your might power tell you is it 2k Filipino money or USD?  I think that make a big different but either way money is scammed = gone.  Still hurt.


Just refute through Paypal (if you used Paypal)! Did you post your concern on the community forum? Best clear it all up first if you didn't do so... Good luck!
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No idea lol, tbh, the phrases that I got aren't even super clear.
It seems that translations made from tagalog->another languange not english give better answers at google lol
I think there is one phrase that talks about Podes[a currency used on pinoy servers I think] so maybe it's filipino money? I don't even know what is yon lol Just looked good in the phrase ._.
There is something saying that he put the guy already in court and talks something about a NSA School??[NSA = National Security Agency I guess].

And I think that we answering here won't be big of a help since he isn't that good with english.

@mhanns: Kung ikaw ay pagbabasa na ito, maaari mong subukan ang paggamit ng google tagasalin at mag-post ng isang Ingles na pagsasalin ng iyong post?Magiging mabuti para sa amin upang matulungan kang mas mahusay na nakita mukhang nahihirapan sa Ingles.
Kasalukuyang ang pinakamahusay na payo ko bigyan na ibinigay ng Yukino ay upang bawiin ang bank transfer kung ang pagbili ay ginawa sa pamamagitan ng PayPal at hindi sa pamamagitan ng Western Union.


That could easily be a fake email...

Just pointing that out. It's on, lol.

You probably were scammed by a player, not the admin.

And so you killed yourself,
but you killed everyone else around you too.


I would agree on what TOM~ said, because why would the admin *eh-hem* OWNER,  of a server ask for a players password and username, when they have access to all that anyway.

+ If he asked him in game he would get all donates only if he send an email with his info, why couldnt the Player or GM just @item all the items and do it right there and then ?

All i can say is, Youve got scammed by a player who made that yahoo address, Also~ Paypal do not sort out problems that consist of Virtual Products, its in their rules now. And ive had something similiar happen before, with a different type of virtual product *vps hosting company*.

And lastly, if you say to them "I Donated 2k to get this virtual sword", they will laugh at you and say, Donations are free will, and usually gifts of generousity, not a payment.

Next Time, Never Give out your INFO !