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Started by Spilph, Jun 23, 2016, 01:16 PM

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Hello everyone, I'm writing this topic to discuss about macro and Ragnarok Online.
What is your opinion about macro and would you allow it on your server ?

I just want to hear what you guys think about macro. Looking at macro both from Dev and player point of view, it can improve your gaming experience greatly. Modern games nowaday has built-in macro in their client, it can helps people with disability for a fairer gameplay, or remove the long repetative task of pressing buttons of the old game generation. Some people use macro application, others with expensive keyboard & mouse or laptop have built-in macro, so why can't everyone have macro ? /heh

In my humble opinion, I believe macro should be allow in a private server.  /ok


I would elaborate a little bit more.

It is true, that most newer games allows you to develop macros to help you handle certain situations more easily. However these systems have their limits. For example WoW has really huge API for in game programming (add-ons), which allows you to chain actions, respond to certain events. But it won't allow you to do automated stuff, i.e. cast spell, equip item (only in non combat), so developing bots is impossible.

Ragnarok, on the other hand, does not have such feature. So you will need external software for that. And there is the problem. What is considered acceptable? Chaining key presses, key spamming might be quite OK, but what about automated hunt/exp (botting)? Once you allow certain software, it gets abused, so you have to either disallow it again, or set some borders. Some players might gossip you, because you took something, which was acceptable by the community (and it even was).

I would allow use of any software, if you don't use that to exploit, bot or do something similar.
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You want people run 100% ACD 190 aspd and do 5x / sec skill spam ?