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Started by Sethram, Mar 14, 2007, 11:52 PM

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But still what do they risk if they don t take that page down
i doubt a pserver can complain to justice about such thing!


They have nothing to counter over, they're not exactly the makers of RO.

And if all else fails, their reputation is shattered because they don't do anything themselves.


Well you've been on their server, so you can legitimately rate against it as I have ;o

I know Deliverance and I have not always gotten along, but one thing I think we can both agree on is that... plagiarizers are cowards and obviously corrupted.


Wow that's rich Deliverance is complaining about people stealing their work? I vividly remember a post in eAthena on how deliverance online's GM staff stole everything off another server.


Quote from: Mewi on Mar 16, 2007, 04:02 PM
Lol, RiftRO staff banned me for being civil and making a calm suggestion ( I only posted ONCE ).  Corrupt much?

I think the only thing that was remotely insulting was "stealing = corrupt = against your stolen policy and rules ( lol )"

They are like that. In the last year they have changed their server name and reset at least 3 times due to the population catching on to their abusive gms. A few months ago the server was called "AsguardRO" and previously it was called raftRO. After myself and some other former members caught on to their abuse and left after outing them in the forums, they changed the name back to riftro. They also never took down the "AsguardRO" advertisement, but instead made it redirect to the new rift server. Dont know if thats considered legal for RMS.

Basicly they have a few gms that are scrubs at ro so they need to spawn their "legit" chars gear and money and so on. If the gm "Siia" is still there then shes the biggest culprit. The head GMs didnt seem to do it(during asguard but older players told me they abused in the original "Raftrp" which caused it to shut down and become asguard) but they took their abusive gms side even after she insulted all of the players on the server vigorously on the forum and even advertised another server after being outed as a cheating scrub. I in turn verbally abused her on the forum(i bully bullys) until people realised what was going on and the server became so unpopulated that they had to name change again.

In the begining i liked the server cus the stats of it is everything i was looking for.. I tried hard to help the hgms fix certain things that were imbalanced with some success but when their corrupt gms were outed(after i had brought many ppl to the server, some who had quit ro and i had to beg to play  ::) ) I was of course pissed at the wasted time and effort i put into the server. If you look at asguardros reviews youll see that i even defended the server from "Siia" the abusive gms attacks and gave it a good review(this was when i thought the hgm was going to fix the abuse and ban her). Eventually they took her back on the gm team and made rift again. Apparently shes hot irl.  :D

Anyway sorry to those who have wasted time on another incarnation of the same pos server.