What do you look for in a server?

Started by Pandora, Dec 08, 2006, 10:07 AM

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I'm curious about this. When you are looking for a new server to play what do you check for?

Usually I think people check out a few servers before making a decision, so what influences that decision?

What makes you go "nah, not this one.. next!"

When I was looking for a server (before I made my own), I would check usually in that order:

Woe hours
The overall look of the website and if I could easily find information.

Usually if within 1 minute I had not found the server info I would close the page and keep looking (I'm not exactly patient XD)
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I've been through tons of servers this morning looking for a good one. @_@ I can't seem to find any that suit my tastes.

Usually for rates, I look for just a little bit above 100x for exp. I don't mind lower drop rates, as long as they're not absurdly low or anything. > >; I'm just too.. ADD to have anything too low, you know?

Another important part for me is custom pets. It's a weird nit pick, but I really enjoy the pets!

@_@; Of course, player balance and good WoEs are important, too. But I just can't find anything that matches what I'm looking foooor~


I look for one that has about 75-150 for base/job exp.
Medium rate drops are good for me too, like 50-100.
One of my biggest turn-offs is the really high level limits. I'd like them to be set at a fair place, so that war and mvping are fairly done. 99-120 is a good spot.
Servers WITHOUT mvp arenas. They do the economy no good, and kill all sorts of fun, since mvp cards are always readily available for taking!

I'm picky, yeah. <.<


rates. i cant be bothered with too low rates (below 10x) since im not a hardcore player anymore. 10x - 100x is fine. i dont play high rates.

max lvl/stats. somehow directly related to rates. max 99 or 120 is ok.

population. im not the type who jumps to new servers. 50-400 players is ok.

minimal custom items/features. healer/warper npcs are ok.

donations. i never play on servers where it is obvious that the server is a money making scheme.

longevity. very important that the server is there for the long-run.

there are other things that influence me before playing on a server. like how professional the site is with its own domain and patch server, what the players are saying on their own forums,  etc...

right now i dont play on any server regularly, still cant find the right one (or it does not exist?).


I make sure the gm can at least spell before I join their server =O none of that "hor server has fre imes an luv u!" But in all seriousness, I look for one that has 6-12 regulars, counting the GM and Admin, is reasonably new, seems to be trying to make the server fit the needs of the community, and has a love for all things RO =D


first off over 20 players
fully updated always add the updates withing a 5 day period
commands ?
low rate best
custums ?
are the custums ghetto
donation only items (nu)
gm corruption
good support
always a gm on ?