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Started by svendieter, Jul 26, 2020, 10:26 PM

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This is my opinion and experience, I try to be civilised here. Pardon any errors, and please correct which facts I may have gotten wrong.

LimitRO was a fun wholesome place. When I first joined, I was a lil skeptical. I used to come from high-rate server which was generally undesirable (non-functioning skills and missing official content). Limit was a mid-rate server. Ngl, I thought it was gonna be tough, but it wasn't so. There were Helpers, who helped answer questions, host occasional instance parties, etc. There was even a helper desk in HQ and it helped to make one feel not too lost in a new area. Sadly, later on they disbanded the Helper team without mentioning the reason.

So, Limit seemed to have everything I wanted: quests, working skills, events and people who actually play obscure Classes who could help me with all my newbie questions. The grinding aspect of RO in Limit... was kinda fun! It wasn't too easy or too ridiculously tough, so you could feel the progression and the fruits of your hard work.

I also met some new friends there. One of my first being a very inspirational Rebel who helped with boost parties. I knew of Rockridge before I joined, so the first place I checked was there and it's cool, has the Buffaloes, NPCs and Calf Guns! I started farming my first Mob Scarf, and I remember someone saying that I'm good newbie because I know to farm Mob Scarf, lol.

You could say it was all okay, until I started to care. Why do I care? Because I like RO. I found some bugs, report them, and I see others do too, and most get fixed. But as time passes by, the one dealing with the skill bug reports seemed to be... unhelpful. I thought that eh whatever, they probably just lack people skills but can do the job right. Later on, I notice that even with evidence it wasn't fixed. I'm guessing unless it has Korean text written all over it, they ain't gonna believe it. That disappointed me a bit, but since 90% of the skills were okay I just went with it.

Then there were a few people that mildly annoyed me... most just refer to them as "toxic" but tbh I hate that word, but okay, the meaning is more or less the same so whatever. Most of these disgruntled players or people who like talking s*** ... were old players. There's also a huge on-going issue about AFK farming. It felt kinda unwelcoming for me as a new player. But again, I tried to dismiss these and stay out of it because what the hell, right? Every server will have disagreeable people.

At some point there was an increased rate event. I was like hell yeah! Thanatos Tower is lit! I could farm and get all the zeny! And the event continued on and on ... and on. Ofc, naturally game economy will be affected with prices hiked up and all. Kinda worrisome but at some point it will go back to old rates, right? Nope. It was made to stay.

There's a reason I wanted to play mid-rate. To avoid the pvp focus, the inflation, too easy to farm mob goods, too fast leveling that you barely know the usage of skills and the inevitable skill balancing to come. I don't have knowledge on exact skill calculation script whatever so Imma skip that. What I do know is, the moment you start to change one thing, you'll have to change the other, and the other and the other and more stuff introduces more bugs. More bugs that aren't taken seriously and/or requiring players themselves to report it rather than being tested by the team... yeah that's trouble. You'd get "beneficial" bugs that people just won't report because hey it's good s***!

So, again, trying to push these aside. I waited patiently for the promised Episode 17.1. Then the partial release episode came as promised. BUT WAIT -- I didn't think they meant this for "partial release"! Just the equipment and some Wyatt Warp 2.0 and Verus Bot NPCs?! Item enchants weren't given the right ones and sudden change here and there, wait MVP mobs exist but who the WHHH --- Holy hell. I cannot describe this in coherent words because tbh, the situation was barely sensible to me. I don't care about rushing it, but the fact it took 6 months after the "partial release" with no news at all for when it comes made me feel tiny annoyed. Yeah I main Rebellion so I definitely wanted to know the story about Rebellions.  23242343 years later, came the full story version. By then, everybody got their +5043505687 Illusion equipment. I'm actually surprised people still do the quest. And the quest itself came with 232432432 bugs and typos and horrible grammar to a point I find it so difficult to understand. I don't mind a few mistakes, it's expected. I make them, you make them, they make them. But for every dialogue to be so incomprehensible? Wow, this seems like a really rushed job which shows no care at all. Like, we just added it to complete it k doNE wAHTVER BAM ! RELEASE!

And as I follow more closely to what official RO (iRO) is, I realise that Limit's been cutting corners on official content. They removed NPCs which they deem as "unimportant" and shorten certain dialogues in quests. Overall, you'd still get the idea of it, but I just cannot understand why they had to cut those out. It's better if all (or most) official content remains as it is. The same for official script calculation. It was inaccurate, and so they changed it to more official. And then they revert it back to their old Limit Custom. But sometimes they make it seem like they don't know what's meant to be and what isn't by asking /us/ what it is? I had my suspicion that the team doesn't play RO at all... but that can't be true, right?

Now to complete that episode became less fun and more like a chore because half the time I couldn't understand what was going on. Wait... I've felt this feeling before -- THAT'S RIGHT! It's the same feeling as I had when I left that high-rate server. And wew, whatdyaknow, Limit's high-rate now too, as though following the exact footsteps of that other server.

Other little issues start to pile up, such as inconsistency of GM's words (one moment it's P2W, the other it isn't), supposed "end-game" is +20 equipment, which tbh I don't care to have, unhelpful and unprofessional GM behaviour (not giving help to those who ask, but has time to argue with players, loosening the rules to a point it's really criminal world there and the whole "it's meant to be that way" as a solution to all problems, as well as insulting responses to players). I guess yeah he's the GM so he can do as he pleases without even thinking of the aftermath... after all, he ain't the one playing. People say they like LimitDrama. I try to stay out of things which I believe is unproductive. My fun comes from playing a game that works right, not from childish humour of real people. When a previously good player, who was actively contributing to the server by providing guides, reporting player abuse and helping newbies, suddenly becomes "toxic" (as they call it), why else if it wasn't from some dissatisfaction? Hint: Poor administration.

So, to summarise, I've experienced fun and wholesome Limit, where farming is beautiful life, Job class diversity is a thing and I can do episode quests as a Rebellion. My rifle is beautiful and so are the skills that come with. But on the other hand, I've faced disagreeable people, unfixed bugs, sudden change to high-rate, really weird release of episode content and generally haphazard following of "official" content... or maybe it's called Limit Custom, idk.

Naturally, when people try to speak up, they get shot down, even if they had the best interests of the server in mind. Everything, no matter good or bad, will come to an end. Will I continue to play this server after all these?  /hmm