Started by Ka2RoT, Jul 17, 2020, 12:42 PM

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hi, Everyone..
greeting to all..  /ok

According to renewal Gamesetting quite "imbalance" especially in WOE / PvP gameplay matters.
-"Overkill" High Damage, over damage by item effect,
-reduce demihuman up to/exceed 100% and so on,

i have opinion to deal with the matters.
Attention to GM, Server Admins, and all Ragnarok players.

the CONCEPT is be like this:.
"Demihuman Reduction % is vice versa with output Damage % of the particular character, accordingly."

Suggestion Solution.
WOE buff or WOE Pass or ANY Better method.
with decription :
"During in WOE Castle, player's status of OUT-PUT DAMAGE and DEMIHUMAN REDUCTION value will be inverted to each other."
(the effect work like Alice Card- damage dealt  inverted between Boss and normal moster).


if the character has 1% demihuman reduce, means that the Damage output will be at up to 99%.
if the character has 30% demihuman reduce, the Damage output will be at 70%.
if the character has 99% demihuman reduce, the Damage  output will be at 1%.
and so on so fort.
*Min ~ Max value limit to 1% ~ 99%.

the problem is, Player in renewal server can be Killer and Tanker at the same time. (Because of item/card and renewal changes.)
by doing this CONCEPT,
player can't setting for full damage and full defense at the same time.
-for those setting for damage type, they can't be a tanker (that hard to kill if can be both killer and tanker).
-for those who setting for tanker type, they can't be killer at the same time (the damage will be low)
so, the roles as killer and tanker will meet the purpose.

i think this method is good for renewal gameplay style.
So, Player must/can setting  their Equipment and skill wisely to balance their character according to the character's job purposes.

i hope, this post can get the feedback to all..
please post your commnet and feedback.
Thank You Verymuch.