Project Alfheim Server Rollback

Started by betwixtbetween, Apr 01, 2023, 11:18 PM

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Pretty sure this Charlie admin is the same person on reddit actively defending and protecting TalonRO/TalonTales, the admins there and their antics, especially attacking people coming there to talk their experience with that server, so what would you expect from a server run by such person? Project Alfheim was never worth playing and never will because this person alone has showed enough reason to not be trustworthy.

The way they're operating like hiding rats asking their players to not create content with any names or mentions, thinking they're being secretive about their server while already having multiple Gravity/Warp Portal employees in their discord is just sad.


Now what are these extra bump messages have to do with a rollback? 

According to the server staff message, the server had an unexpected crash and they had hourly backup so only lost 8-10 minutes of progress. 
That is as good as any player can ask for, even iRO have had rollbacks for much longer before. 

Everyone else seems to have claimed they know more than others and sharing their own version of the story, which was baseless but we'll let the reader decide anyway.  Now the incident was over a month ago there is no reason to add off-topic material to this.