Still up for Hunting type High Rate?

Started by Blueheel, Oct 24, 2017, 06:06 AM

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Anyone misses the High Rate Hunting Type? I do.  /sob


Well RO pservers are short lived, even more so for high rate servers.. unless they create a lot of end-game content to keep players busy.


If you miss hunting in a high rate server I recommended you to try ragnafied chaos.


255 , 99/70 or renewal? U have to state which 1



High-rate grind or hunting type? Try Ragnafied Chaos! :)

It's a high-rate 3rd job renewal server that might fit your needs.

Regards! Hope to see you-ingame.

P.S. It can be your Home Renewal Server!


There's quite a few hunting type high rate servers due to the fact that they dont have any other custom end content and are only sticking to vanilla.