RebirthRO Hijacked By Ancyker

Started by Syphon, Dec 22, 2017, 10:40 PM

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A lot of people compare RebirthRO to a real company to justify the fact that ancyker stole the server. The truth is, they are not even close.

- RebirthRO is a PRIVATE server not a registered public company.
- The staff are all VOLUNTEERS, they are not on payroll or on contract.
- The players are playing for FREE, they are NOT shareholders, so they are not entitled to be included in the server's decision making.
- Syphon is not the CEO, he is the founder/president/owner of his private server.

Meaning, he can do whatever the hell he wants with his private server. The fact that he was removed from his own creation is theft and plain rude.

Ancyker had access to the database. If he wanted to do it for the players, he could of just made a back up of the database, create a new server, dump the database in the new server and make a topic explaining WHY he is creating a new server and WHY the players should migrate to the new server. Leaving RebirthRO to "die". So yeah, the fact that he decided just to take over a server that has been alive for over a decade when he had many other options is obvious that he did it for the money and not the players.


As someone who played RebirthRO for nearly a decade, I felt that it would be appropriate to chime in on what's happened here.

To start with, what Ancyker and Co. did was a messed up thing to do. Regardless of how garbage the owner is or what you feel you are owed, you shouldn't have stolen the server.

I agree with those who believe that the staff should have been paid/paid more. With the amount of time and effort that goes into running/maintaining RebirthRO, there's no reason that the higher ranked GMs shouldn't have been paid or paid more. However. Stealing the server or holding the server hostage are both really s*** ways of getting your point across. If you don't think you're getting paid enough at your real job, do you hold the CEO hostage to get more money? No, you negotiate or you quit. With RO being a hobby, and I cannot emphasize that enough, there's no reason that you should be stealing a server to make a point. It's painfully obvious that this entire play was done to just cut out/screw over Syphon for perceived injustices without a care in the world for how this guy was going to live/survive without the income from this server. His own s*** decision-making aside, the server was already dwindling and dying off, so the appropriate move would have been to create a new server, with all your hard work built into it, because the players would know that if they want good content, they need to follow the good people who created that content. And that would be a wake-up call for Syphon to get his act together or forever lose his cash cow. All in all, I genuinely believe that there's no way you can support the decision made by Ancyker & Co. without feeling incredibly scummy inside, and for those GMs who sided with Ancyker, shame on you. This decision was pathetic and if you really feel like it was the right thing to do, you should probably reassess your priorities in your own life, because there's no way I would want anything to do with you if that's really how you feel.


Ok, I was going to let this thread just go but people brought up questions/points I didn't cover in my original post so I will make one last reply.

Syphon was not kicked out so we could take money for ourselves. If I wanted to take RebirthRO for money I would have taken it when it was making 80k euro a month. Syphon was gone on vacation for months at a time back then, he would never have noticed until we were gone, but I didn't. Why? I never cared what he spent the excess cash on. I suggested a few times that he invest some of it in other sources of income but he didn't think he needed to, always saying he'd do it later. Whatever, that was his choice. The server itself was fine, we had our good hosting, our content was being paid for, so none of us gave a s*** what he spent the excess on.

Fast forward to the last few years and it's a completely different picture. Syphon has been cutting the servers budget to be able to maintain his rich lifestyle. He's still trying to live like he makes 80k euro a month. He gambles most of the money away and expects players to donate more for less. He wanted to cut our sprite budget so he could keep more money (what exactly do we keep players paying for then, idk). He was then trying to cut our dev budget, saying that the server was dying so there was no point in putting any money into it.

Yes, I could have run a backup, started up a new server and said hey come over here and play this server. What would that have done? I'll tell you exactly what that have done: Killed RebirthRO and the new server would never grow. Period. Most of you server owners are suggesting it because it's exactly what you want. RRO dies, you get the players. So just go screw yourselves.

Most of the players have no idea about any of the internal workings of the server. They don't know what we know, and you still don't know everything we know. I'm holding back because it is not my goal to trash Syphon. What I've revealed is just the tip of the ice burg. This isn't about us getting money, it's about the server getting the money. I'm taking the same pay I always have, the rest is being spent on the server. I've already ordered us new hosting and new hardware. I've already contacted additional devs and artists and am getting them set up so they can start producing content for us. You're talking about about staff pay as a reason the GM's came with me, except the only person that will get paid is Phoenix because she's an admin and she didn't know that she would be getting paid until after she agreed. We never had a problem with Syphon taking the excess, it's when he started sacrificing the quality of the server for his own gain that we took issue. He sucks at handling money, he thinks he can just cut out our funding and later on it will go up and he can restore it. He doesn't understand the concept of you have to spend money to make money. His decisions are directly responsible for the current poor state of the server.

Do you still think I just wanted the money? Go read the screenshots I posted, the screenshots of the rest of the conversation with Syphon that he cut off. I offered to give him all the excess income from the server, I said I was going to take the same pay I was and spend the money on the server for things the server needed to grow and I would send him the rest. He refused that deal. He knew I wouldn't let him be greedy anymore, so it wasn't acceptable terms.

As the admin for over a decade I felt a responsibility to the players to protect their investments, be it time, money, or both. Afterall, I'm the one that told them to donate. I'm the one they saw encouraging them that it was fine when I knew the state of things that Syphon was forcing us into. My responsibility is to the players, I had to live up to what I promised them. In the end, I had to choose between watching the server die a slow death or trying to liberate it from the person keeping it down.

I may have made mistakes in the past, sure. Who can honestly look back on their past and regret nothing? The difference is I look back at my past and I'm ashamed. Syphon looks back and the only thing he regrets is the drug use. He still wastes money on gambling, vacations and taking his girlfriend places. He's learned nothing about managing money. I regret that the course of events lead to these actions, but based on the available choices this seemed to be the best chance at keeping the server alive in the long term. All other scenarios I could come up with had an extremely high chance of just killing the server, the opposite of what we wanted. We needed a clean split that Syphon could not recover from because there are just too many uninformed players that would think he was in the right simply because he had the title "owner." You know, I still call myself an admin. Do you want to know why? I'm so used to Syphon being the owner that I see him as what an owner is and I never want to be that. I never want to be what he was. He's tainted the word owner in my eyes forever.

That's all I'm saying on here, I'm done. If you are a player and wish to speak with me about any concerns you have you can contact me on Discord. If you play another server or own another server I really don't give a flying f*ck about your extremely biased opinion as you would directly benefit from the downfall of RebirthRO.

P.S. The first maintenance since the takeover was not to add donates. There has not been a maintenance since the takeover. Syphon found out only a week ago. So saying "our first maintenance was to add donates" is factually incorrect as we have not had the first maintenance yet.


As an outsider, all I can say is that I am happy that i never 'set a foot' in this server.

To the thief:
I hope this server dies off quickly, theft is theft, there is no justification in what you did. If you didn't like how he handled his server, make your own. I'm sure the staff would have followed if they even joined such a trashy way of stealing the server. If you say it would have died if it was made anew that means either that your new server was not significantly better or the old server wasn't bad enough for people to quit.

Another important thing is... I do not see how the owner's real life situation nor how he spends his money is of any relevance. It's his business not yours no matter how s*** he is.

All of those things have been said already but for some reason you do not understand that you are in the wrong. No matter how scummy the old owner was/is the GMs AND players decided to stay in the  by themselves they could always quit and as suggested the staff could just make their own server together with you.

On a side note: It's pretty pathetic to ask for donations from your players like you said you did.

With this thread being open, the server is sure to die anyway (it's been a sinking ship for a while and changing owners won't stop it from dying) and I feel sorry for all the players who wasted their precious time and money on there. At the same time though I hope you (new owner) will actually stop being so delusional to yourself it might help you later on in life after 'your' RO server died and if you actually can say that what you did was justified and for the best you might... want to visit a specialist because then something is really wrong somewhere in your head.

For the old owner: You did kind of deserve this s*** and yet it wasn't the right thing to do. Your players themselves should have realized that your server is not a server worth spending time on and with the effort you spent on it (it seems like none in the end) all the money you got from your random kid players with their parents' credit card wasn't deserved, I hope you realize that you deserve your current situation.


Tbh as an old player who got banned for killing Ancy on his GM char on pvp back in his days a few times until my account was deleted and over 3k euros donated I most admit this is quite the show it's being thrown in here, the player base has been rarely the concern on the server (Look at how they let Eir die, be reopened and have no work on it)

Although I gotta admit that sure, as Ancy said, Syphon was rarely on as a GM and if he was it was some sort of bot message that was thrown as a GM message and disappeared for the rest of the year

And I still keep getting emails from them every now and then with my account being non existent lol.


Both corrupt af anyway, so its useless to argue about this issue now and server is half dead.
But hey, RebirthRO will always have a special place in my heart.  /lv
So... I will have to play both their server. /heh cut the drama /gg


Quote from: suhdude on Dec 28, 2017, 07:48 PM
Both corrupt af anyway, so its useless to argue about this issue now and server is half dead.
So... I will have to play both their server. /heh cut the drama  /gg

Do yourself a favour and don't do that  /heh

Georges IV

Who ever makes the server better win.  /ho


They're both corrupted, this is not surprising at all.  /heh



So, I was supposed to not look back into this topic after my last post, but there's many things that influenced me to do so. I would try to give some facts and answers to every questions and allegations that has been posted till now.
Also, sorry, the post can be long enough to get you bored/excited/(maybe?)angry.


Quote from: Jackie on Dec 24, 2017, 09:44 AM
Let's be honest Syphon.. What have you ever done that's beneficial to the server? The only thing you did as an owner is advertise the server. Not to mention when you paid admins, you paid them under minimum wage to work for you whilst you went out spending the majority of your earned income on gambling, then claiming you were too broke to add more contribution funds to keep the server healthy.

Well, Great, when did syphon do this? year ago? 2 year ago?
Here's your beloved Ancyker playing PokerStars for more than 6 hours straight on 29 December(After the so-called coup).
You still believe server owners pay more than minimum wage? Come on, grow up. Tell me a server which pays as high as rebirthRO used to pay. This isn't a company but a PRIVATE server.

Quote from: Jackie on Dec 24, 2017, 09:44 AM
I mean as an owner, not once have you actually cared for the community of the server during the past at least 10 years. All you came online for was to announce 'write a review for RMS!' every 10-15 minutes which your staff did for you after every hosted event anyways. As for not caring about the community. This is the sort of behaviour that would be used on the main chat.
I can't comment on this without knowing the full context, as to why that was been told, also again, without anything to claim it was actually syphon, since you haven't told when it happen? maybe could be after hijack? to show him bad? ButI don't deny

Quote from: Jackie on Dec 24, 2017, 09:44 AM
I was a GM of this server around 2014-2015. During this time most things were declining. The lack of staff co-operation, Syphon nowhere to be seen; no communication to any of the staff, not even the admins. Unless it was to do with income going down you wouldn't see him anywhere, not even in the staff group (that he was in). The current 'voluntary staff' (GM's) were left to manage players reports, help desk, events etc. And on top of this the 2 GM's that were available could not even do half of these because we weren't high enough account level to deal with item returns, or point related issues as these required a 'higher-up' which were nowhere to be seen. (At this time Ancyker only dealt with website related issues, Sen went MIA for the most part, Syphon didn't even log in). And it backed up everything and caused people to leave due to the fact we simply didn't have any power to deal with their requests.
I agree, Syphon wasn't there in game, but that doesn't mean he wasn't there in backend. If you see the changes in server files, they were  done by quite a few developers (out-sourced) and syphon was taking care of it, giving task and assigning few issues here and there.

Quote from: Jackie on Dec 24, 2017, 09:44 AMSyphon doesn't even care for his staff, so anyone working for him on the 'new server' I do truly feel bad for you.  /ok
/ok, sounds nice that you feel bad for someone..


Quote from: Cloetta on Dec 24, 2017, 09:30 PM
Morally I feel Syphon is in the right, he made the server and hired the people who managed it better than he ever could. Even with everything on the table there was no reason for any of the sketchy, underhanded crap that got pulled. La Révolution Francaise this is not.

If the staff was unhappy with the state of things they should have simply left and made their own server, this looks more like a play for the established income than anything to me.
Even I feel the same, syphon tried whatever he could, if someone is unhappy, leave syphon alone, and see how it handles.

Quote from: Cloetta on Dec 24, 2017, 09:30 PM
Edit: And now Ancyker appears to be asking people to file fraudulent chargebacks for the last six months and re-donate to him instead. Incitation to commit a crime after all that .. Eessh.
This deserves to be in Hall of Shame. (would not matter, since Ancyker is already listed there).


Quote from: spcd on Dec 25, 2017, 03:30 AM
If you don't like the the owner, why not just leave and make your own. You can get the remaining players to play on your server. BS reason. That's basically stealing coz you know the server is earning alot of cash. And for the owner, hope you learn your lesson now. This would not happen if you care for your server. RIP

Absolutely, my theory in this is, Ancyker saw income on this server, and just stole it, but there has been some questions raised by some players about this theory.
Why Ancyker didn't do it before?
-> Remember? Syphon and Ancyker were friends from years? maybe ancyker was not feeling it morally correct?
Also most of old staff were against ancyker


Quote from: Hakk on Dec 25, 2017, 06:42 AM
And maybe the staff member get a share of the income? Which is probably why they side with him.
I will get back to this at end of topic, it's whole awesome story.


Quote from: Yuzo on Dec 25, 2017, 06:54 AM
seems kind of like the 2016 US election, choose which s*** is less s***. :)
And the more s*** just rigged(stole) the elections(server).


Quote from: Lai on Dec 25, 2017, 01:09 PM
I BLAME Syphon tbh for being so kind and trust this worm Ancyker, godamn so low, I read the "hijacked server changelogs", LOL, the first CHANGELOGS after the hijack was "ADDED NEW DONATION ITEMS" ;D ;D ;D
First maint, after syphon fired, but before syphon got to know about this, would cover more on this later on end of post.

Quote from: Lai on Dec 25, 2017, 01:09 PM
Like many said, IF THEY didn't like Syphon etc, they could just LEAVE the team and start their own server.
THIEVES are THIEVES, CRIME is a CRIME, this is a SHAME of Ragnarok Online Private server world / community.
To Everyone saying GM's should be paid from start, Remember, GM's are volunteer work, and some are hired and mentioned before they start that they would be paid.
Also Crime once done cannot be denied.

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AM
You say it like it's easy for the Dev Team to just make an entirely new server but how about the Players who put a lot of time and hardwork farming the things, spent and donated to the server, supporting it so that it can be around for a LONG TIME in the future?
As he already decided to steal the server, we mentioned that he could have used the stolen server and DB, without actually trying to destroy the servers(Machines) that syphon owned. Attempt to destroy the server(machines) made the matter worst.
Ancyker already had Emulator Files, DB, he could have used them to make a exact clone of RebirthRO, and take all HIS staff with him, leave Syphon alone, and let syphon's server die. That way, YOU as a player would see no change, as it happened now (Ancyker changed IP via patch), and would have not even resulted in losing even 1 of your item. So absolutely nothing would matter from player's perspective in this case.

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AMHow about the Players who ACTUALLY FUND THE SERVER???
Server's Actually term those as DONATION, better google up what donation means. They were funding for servers, developers, sprites. but wasn't the question about ancyker stole the server?

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AMWe lost SO MANY PLAYERS because of all the bs that's been happening in RebirthRO. Can't put the entire blame on Syphon but he is still the Owner
Some Product launch fails terribly, you blame the CEO?

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AMOn one hand, he leaves the entire development of the game to the Dev Team.
I guess that's what owner is supposed to do, hire dev team, assign them issues(he did) and leave support for support team(GM's)

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AMOn the other hand, that also means that if our Admin is corrupt, almost every GM that is hired by said Admin is also corrupted in some way or another.
so All current staff is also corrupt? Stealing means corruption, and you know who stole what..

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AMJust because the screenshots have no dates on them does not make him any better
It actually does. No dates or other supporting those means they can be easily photoshopped.

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AMPlayers are the most affected by this outcome.
Agree, Players are most affected, this shouldn't be the outcome, instead the staff should have sorted out the stuff internally.

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AMOVH gave South East Asians TERRIBLE PING (around 100-300 ping depending on region and quality of our ISP).
100 is not terrible, 300 is. California was no good for South East Asians too (I live in Asia).
I would leave the hosting topic here, and would not discuss, feel free to play new rebirthRO(Ancy's) when they are done moving to california.

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AMLet's be real. If you're the Owner of a Server, your interests should lie in helping the Server grow.
You can't say syphon didn't do anything, as mentioned hundreds of time before, he was managing from backend, and not by being online in game most of times, to show that "ya, I am doind alot of work.".

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AMeven refusing to pay Devs for long periods of time, preferring to just insist they are volunteers who need no pay.
They indeed were not told that they would be paid. So they agreed. but let me clear here, Devs = In game GM's here. Other hired devs who were not GM and had done the developing work were paid, in proper time and as they were promised.

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AM
This was what happened to Phoenix who has been volunteering her services for a little over 2 YEARS with no pay and revealed that she would've left the server if her situation does not improve. She is the BEST Dev we ever had in a long time and if she left, our RebirthRO server would've been officially doomed.
I won't reveal all of Phoenix dirty tricks. She isn't BEST Dev, if she had left, it would have been much better and clean RebirthRO. She stayed because she knew where this was going(my assumption). I would really like to show her codes to you, which are no way efficient, and she managed only script, not source. so that doesn't even qualify as Dev, let alone the BEST. I recently have gone through some of her codes, and by just checking it, anyone can tell that it's size can reduce to 10x-50x and can be optimized to run alot faster. (she wrote 100 lines of code, which could be done in 4-5 lines, Date: November-December 2017, so it's recent skill of her).

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AMmaking the good Devs leave the server just so he can maximize his own gains, then I suggest if you EVER make a server in future, Don't.
Well, I suggest, you don't make a server, if you call Good Devs, without even knowing who all were working and who all were good(Above answer claims that phoenix was not BEST, instead WORST).

Quote from: ishizue on Dec 26, 2017, 12:32 AMJust admit the fact that Players will never jump ship just because we don't like 1 Dev or the Owner but we WILL jump ship if our gaming quality is affected TERRIBLY.
I hope your gaming quality isn't affected after switching to california host, and syphon's server will be free from you.


Quote from: Hakk on Dec 26, 2017, 01:42 AMRRO website stated that "Once a payment has been processed through the website, it becomes property of Rebirth B.V." So how Syphon(OWNER) spend the money is really non of our business, as long as he keeps the server running, which he did. Oh boy, you're delusional if you think Ancy won't use the funds for himself.
Quite true, but there were many expenses of Server which Syphon was handling, advertisement too cost thousands of $. I would agree with all of the claims that were posted by ishizue, if (s)he can prove Ancy won't use even single fund for him.

Quote from: persimonLove on Dec 26, 2017, 05:42 AMits like gambling with a .000001% chance of success. /heh /heh. Lets face it its easier to steal it than to coax the playerbase to go to him. Im basing this from my experience when i was in rro.
True, and then brainwash the players? /heh

Quote from: Cloetta on Dec 26, 2017, 06:29 AMhe alienated all the old staff until they quit and replaced them with his girlfriends and friends, of course they would support him in any endeavor he undertakes.
Not true, more on this at end of post. It was worst than this.

Quote from: BoCheats on Dec 26, 2017, 07:27 PMI don't see why people are complaining about the staff wanting to be paid for using up their time to work on the server?? I mean, would you want to go into your job every day and not get paid for the work you put in? And to be treated like donkey for it on top of that by your boss? I don't really think you would.
Please Note, Staff were hired by Ancyker, Devs(Not GM) were hired by Syphon, exception is phoenix(who is scripter and admin currently.)
So question is, if you agreed to work without being paid, why complain later? Let's assume they later got their brains and thought now they should get paid, ok agreed, but after complaining and not getting paid, they still continued to work? Isn't that more like donkey, and they were treating themself like donkey, and not the Staff (and as said, boss for Staff was Ancyker, and for Dev(NonGM) was syphon).

Quote from: BoCheats on Dec 26, 2017, 07:27 PMBut it sounds like Syphon only did part of this,
So you are mentioning that in 10+ years of RebirthRO, syphon only did part of new contents and all? and everything else that is currently in RebirthRO just came out of magic?

Quote from: BoCheats on Dec 26, 2017, 07:27 PMI was basically hired by one of the admins to do artwork for the website because syphon hired someone that used copywritten artworks for the main site. The site was since moved, and we are working on getting new artwork to avoid the DMCA claims. Syphon didn't even seem to care about those in the first place.
You were hired by *one* of the admins, since you claim admin, I suppose ancyker(no other were given the so-called admin title). So isn't that obvious that who hired would care more? Syphon was clearly having no interest in maintaining website work according to me, from what I have observed.

Quote from: BoCheats on Dec 26, 2017, 07:27 PMSure, you just want the product you're purchasing,but what if the item you purchased suddenly disappeared from your inventory without you knowing why,
Had that ever happened? NO. If that would have happened, I too would be surely against syphon. Also, when you give money to server, they clearly term it as DONATION and not as purchase to specific item. It's whole different situation that you get donation credits.

Quote from: BoCheats on Dec 26, 2017, 07:27 PMSo, turning a blind eye to this actually allows him to continue to do fraudulent things, and essentially steal from players and possibly even you, without some of them perhaps noticing or knowing how to deal with it.
As Mentioned above, that never happened.
what's worst is STEAL PLAYERS which is what ancyker did and it happened.
So you justified that stealing server by ancyker is good(which happened), but stealing from players is bad(WHICH NEVER HAPPENED).
Ok, got it. no more useless talks with you.

I agree with whatever  jacobo_bobo said and already explained it above.

Quote from: RebirthOfficial on Dec 27, 2017, 10:22 PMSyphon was not kicked out so we could take money for ourselves. If I wanted to take RebirthRO for money I would have taken it when it was making 80k euro a month.
Explained some above, and would be in detail at end of post.

Quote from: RebirthOfficial on Dec 27, 2017, 10:22 PMHe gambles most of the money away and expects players to donate more for less.
It's his personal life, we can't be sure you don't gamble?
Quote from: RebirthOfficial on Dec 27, 2017, 10:22 PMYes, I could have run a backup, started up a new server and said hey come over here and play this server. What would that have done?
You could have put IP on patch, as you did now, and let syphon live with his died server.
Quote from: RebirthOfficial on Dec 27, 2017, 10:22 PMMost of you server owners are suggesting it because it's exactly what you want. RRO dies, you get the players. So just go screw yourselves.
Truth always hurt. So Someone supporting the truth is actually doing for their own good? maybe, but truth cannot be denied. So Everyone, "go screw yourself" is attitude of new admin to whomsoever is against him /heh
Quote from: RebirthOfficial on Dec 27, 2017, 10:22 PMThis isn't about us getting money, it's about the server getting the money.
Paypal wasn't even going to syphon, it was all on yours since last 6 months(now 7) I guess.
Quote from: RebirthOfficial on Dec 27, 2017, 10:22 PMAs the admin for over a decade I felt a responsibility to the players to protect their investments, be it time, money, or both. Afterall, I'm the one that told them to donate.
So good, you wanted to protect investment, but by stealing? and destroying other server? Isn't is same as DDoS'ing other server to get their players?

Additionally, Some people makes mistake in past, but do their characters change? Never.

Quote from: RebirthOfficial on Dec 27, 2017, 10:22 PMP.S. The first maintenance since the takeover was not to add donates. There has not been a maintenance since the takeover.
Would come on this later.

As many of you are too interested to link pServer to company. Would you leave,continue or steal the company if owner is s*** according to you?



Some of things that I have been asked and been told since my first post.
1) Phoenix was Admin from start of the server.
Phoenix was GM (, Promoted to Senior GM last year (Dec 2016), which he himself edited, and then he himself edited wiki to change his position to Admin around May 2017.

2) Phoenix is the BEST dev that rRO could ever have?
Wrong, Phoenix is literally not the best dev. PM me and I could send you some of the snippets.

3) Why staff sides Ancyker? / / (Many More).
See? Every old staff were removed, for what? because they were against ancyker, and were doing some sort of protest or something, then they were fired, and some left on their own decision because of some s*** going on there.
and new staff were hired by ancyker. (This happened when they moved to new forum)

4) First (so-called) Maintenance after syphon knew he was fired? (Bugs/Crashes)
As per claimed Above by RebirthOfficial(Ancy), there has not been a maintenance since the takeover(till last week), ok Agreed.
Maintenance occured last week, which was supposed to be first maintenance according to ancyker. Which was filled with TONS of new items and maps (~200MB Patch), which was poorly managed, and resulted in client crashes

5) There has been fake online player counts (increasing by 150 TO BE EXACT), after the takeoever. PM/Discord for proof.

6) Server Owners with syphon?
Who wants to be with the guilty? Only the brainwashed people.

7) Ancyker/someone else recently told that if he took the money, why he asking for fundraiser for server parts?
It's simple, no money to be taken out from the money stolen.

8 ) Trying to destroy the other server was the worst thing that I could expect, (after the server stealing).

9) : I would share some of my views to it, so he shared this without even confirming from the owner of andRO, so you can get idea of how he does "act before thinking".

10) someone mentioned(with screenshot) that syphon rented 6$ vps, but if you see the immediate message after that, it clearly mentioned for small group of testers to test the connection speed and performance, so server can be upgraded.

Again, Sorry for long post (I might have been distracted and not wrote some things in detail, let me know and I would tell my views and facts on those topics). I couldn't fit something in the post, and might have forgot some other details that I knew.

At the end, whatever happened was saddening, a Long trusted friend betrayal is something that one should never go through, and I wish no one gets friend who would betray.
That's my thought in this whole matter.

Happy New Year! and Be Happy!


oh well, this topic so made my day.

rounded down: two baddies blaming each other who's the bigger baddie over who "owns" something they don't really own.



lol this server ended on 2014  /heh how can you guys still play on this server /omg


Server died when Lux's ego got too big and his Gm team was honestly trash when they decided to add custom content to their benefits which lead to Ancyker getting his job back?? ? Lul IMO players who are apart of big guilds shouldn't be allowed to be Gm because it clouds their judgement and everything goes to s***.  So yea 2014 it was.

Syphon did this to himself tbh, gave the white man too much power. Being white myself, I know this.

Everyone who is saying Ancyker is right must be on something. The guy is litterally the most corrupt person ever to touch Ragnarok Online. Litterally hired his ex GF now GF(Destiny) or GM peach or whatever she goes by now onto the server and everything she touched went to hell. I thought the saying was "Once you go black you don't go back" (@Devin&Warrage inside joke lul). How can someone be Gm with 0 knowledge of the game .

The last thing I wanted to add is that Ancyker finally chose to blamed Syphon for the servers struggle about a year later after the Old staff left which was lead by Lux. He couldn't blame them anymore for the servers struggle so he had to find someone else to blame, anyone but himself. Why did he wait a whole year after the old staff left to steal the server when right there and then he could of done it with ease. With the almighty Admin back as lead, he probably thought he could fix rRo and bring it back to its glory days, but now realizing the server is dead, he is probably trying to milk it. I give it a couple of month before it is truly dead, not that its even active enough to consider playing anymore. Asking for chargebacks and "asking" for any donations possible for a new "host". How low can one get.

-From a player who was there for Ancyker first reign as Corrupt Admin to his yet again reign of Corrupt Admin. The full circle(I made it !) Hope the stolen server dies.