RebirthRO Hijacked By Ancyker

Started by Syphon, Dec 22, 2017, 10:40 PM

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nice to see both sides of the stories. hope this thread develops more, it's the kind of juicy stuff we crave here on rms. both parties seem shady af in my opinion. seems kind of like the 2016 US election, choose which s*** is less s***. :)


This is insane...and I can't believe it could have happened to anyone...

No matter the reason behind this act of theft, it's a criminal act of the GM team that Syphon hired.
There are no saying that any OWNER of any server must do "certain" things. The OWNER has all rights to do what ever he wants, being online or offline.
No matter what the OWNER does or do in real life, doesnt make it right for the THIEVES to steal , hijack etc of the OWNER's righteous property.

I BLAME Syphon tbh for being so kind and trust this worm Ancyker, godamn so low, I read the "hijacked server changelogs", LOL, the first CHANGELOGS after the hijack was "ADDED NEW DONATION ITEMS" ;D ;D ;D
And the Post that Ancyker made on his stolen property was saying that "They need MORE DONATIONS" ;D
So funny....
I see this as a team of thieves thriving after MONEY that doesn't belong to them and they deserve NOTHING of what Syphon has created, and the platform that Syphon founded.
They should all be thankful that Syphon gave them the chance, to be part of his creation.

Like many said, IF THEY didn't like Syphon etc, they could just LEAVE the team and start their own server.

THIEVES are THIEVES, CRIME is a CRIME, this is a SHAME of Ragnarok Online Private server world / community.

To all Admins/Owners out there, learn from this lesson and protect your server, who knows, you might be the next one being "hijacked", because you were not online 24/7 a day! <3


So they pulled a Talon, but shadier?



No hard feelings to anything I'll say here. If anything, you did this to yourself.

Just like everybody had been saying, if you didn't like the management or the inactivity of the owner himself, just leave. I wont even bother including your corruption history in the picture. if you felt that you contributed more to the server than the owner himself, leave. The server will eventually die mainly because of him. You can launch a server of your own, as a matter of fact, you got (or stolen?) all the server files you needed, the staff members seem backing up your theft decision, so I assume they will stick with you whatever future project you make.

Jealousy. It seems like the best word to describe the situation. You felt that you had been doing a lot for the server, and yet the owner doesn't seem to do anything. Still, he's earning more or less 80% of monthly profit, then it seems like you or your staff team got jealous of the situation. In reality, you were still a paid staff member during your stay, the rightful owner is still Syphon. You could've asked for a bigger salary/raise, if he wont do it, you could've left.

Everything could've work out well if you just left the team. if you seem confident about your skills or handling the entire server without Syphon, you can simply gather the staff with you or even "steal" current players. But no, you decided to steal everything of RebirthRO. Are you not confident enough of advertising a server of your own? Are you not confident enough to start from scratch? You cannot say "I simply want the best for the community, to serve them with a better hosting, management, etc..." That's bullsh*t. What you just did is tainted a long-lived RO server. Bottomline, you wanted the money for yourself and prolly to some of the staff members as well.

Do not redirect the fact that you've stolen the server by stating one by one all his crap. You can say he hates Pinoys, and as a Filipino myself, I felt offended. But does that mean you are now free of charge? Ofc not. Regardless if he's f*cked up himself, this theft is a crime. Shame, but you did this to yourself.


Well. Just like Ancyker, this could've been avoided. You also did this to yourself.

First, who the hell loans a house worth 550k Euro, i mean, do you even have a stable job?

Second, I bet you could've paid off your bills after 10+ years of RebirthRO if you never took everything for granted. Especially the money you used for partying or gambling.

Third, I understand that sometimes the owner needs to take a break, but sometimes the best judge are your playerbase. If they never feel your presence, as the owner of the server, you are doomed. No, not necessarily in forums. Instead, you can show some activity in your team's Skype Group. I always believe that an admin's biggest asset in a pserver are both the playerbase and the staff team. If you cannot even manage both, then maybe that's something you should work on ---- in your future server.

Fourth, If your staff team go against you, considering they seem to have something to back their words up, then you fail miserably as an owner of your server. If you are in debt right now. You did that to yourself. That's something you need to change.

As I see it, the server won't go back to you. You can file legal charges, but hey you own a "private" server, so goodluck with that. The best thing that you could get after all this (if you are lucky) is to shut down the server that had been stolen away from you.


Merry Christmas! Happy New Year to you both and I hope both of you change.


I came back to see comments that STILL DOES NOT SEEM to fully understand our situation here in RebirthRO. I spent a LOT of money to support this server and for the 11+ years I've been playing on this server, there has never been a day in the past 8 years where there was much progress in terms of Chapter wise.

REASON BEING: The server is always functioning at almost a deficit ALL THE TIME.

You say it like it's easy for the Dev Team to just make an entirely new server but how about the Players who put a lot of time and hardwork farming the things, spent and donated to the server, supporting it so that it can be around for a LONG TIME in the future?

All you guys who replied in this RMS supporting Syphon are ONLY LOOKING AT THE STAFF'S PERSPECTIVE.

How about the Players who ACTUALLY FUND THE SERVER???

We lost SO MANY PLAYERS because of all the bs that's been happening in RebirthRO. Can't put the entire blame on Syphon but he is still the Owner and decides certain factors that affect our Community; (1) hiring Admins and leaving the hiring and promotion to Dev Team, (2) our host server and, of course, (3) the expenditures of the Dev Team for new implementations to grow the server.

(1) On one hand, he leaves the entire development of the game to the Dev Team. What this means is that all our new players, and some of the players who are 2-3 years with us, don't even know who is Syphon. Some thinks he's just another GM. Worse, because he likes to just spam links to leave reviews in RMS, there is a growing % of the population who are convinced he's just a bot. That is the ONLY existence he has in the game and even in our Discord.

On the other hand, that also means that if our Admin is corrupt, almost every GM that is hired by said Admin is also corrupted in some way or another. And RebirthRO has seen a fair bit of corruption in the past. I would like to stress in the past. Ancyker had his bad days but that's somewhere in 2006-2009. If we're going to compare who's more corrupted than who, what makes it worse is that Syphon's corruption is hidden under wraps and the only way to expose it is via screenshots of the very rare private conversations between Admins and him. Just because the screenshots have no dates on them does not make him any better. He has been doing this since 2003 and hasn't changed much since then. So, people supporting him without fully understanding the entire situation do not know any better. It's only hearsay and assumptions to you but the comments you leave on this post is viewed very negatively by the overall Community in RebirthRO since Players are the most affected by this outcome.

(2) Already touched on this topic but let me stress this on whosoever wants to debate about vs OVH. OVH gave South East Asians TERRIBLE PING (around 100-300 ping depending on region and quality of our ISP). MOST of our players who left of their own accord (i.e. not banned for botting) are those who couldn't stand the frequent lag and rollbacks OVH has brought to the server time and time again. was better, with less lag and people were actually enjoying the game for awhile but Syphon only cared about how expensive the host server was and does not care much about Players who suffer from terrible ping. All he cares is that he DOESN'T have any lag and does not even try to be empathetic towards those who DO. Instead preferring to just talk smack about the complaints and, ultimately, ignores them entirely. If this is the kind of Owner you want in your Server, so be it. He has shown time and time again to be blatantly rude and judgmental about Players who're either new or have not donated at least 2000 euros to the Server.

(3) Let's be real. If you're the Owner of a Server, your interests should lie in helping the Server grow. Improving the quality of the Server proportionally improves the satisfaction of Players and, therefore, increases potential income of Server. What Syphon has done was just to take and take and take the funds and did NOTHING else to help improve the Server. He has cut costs by switching over to a terrible host server, even refusing to pay Devs for long periods of time, preferring to just insist they are volunteers who need no pay. This was what happened to Phoenix who has been volunteering her services for a little over 2 YEARS with no pay and revealed that she would've left the server if her situation does not improve. She is the BEST Dev we ever had in a long time and if she left, our RebirthRO server would've been officially doomed.

If you think all of that makes Syphon in the Right and that he should've just continued taking from our Server's funds and do absolutely NOTHING but cutting costs and giving us terrible hosting service, making the good Devs leave the server just so he can maximize his own gains, then I suggest if you EVER make a server in future, Don't. You would've made just as terrible an Owner as Syphon is to your own server's Community.

Also for those who think Ancyker is suffering from hijacking the server, NO. Our RebirthRO community fully supports (or do not even care much about) what has happened the past few weeks. In fact, thanks to this little drama in RMS, our community's grown a little (probably Players joining us out of curiosity). But that is all.

Well, hope you guys enjoy your day and, btw, with those 2 screenshots, dates or no dates, it doesn't hide the fact that Syphon is a racist.

P.S. Just admit the fact that Players will never jump ship just because we don't like 1 Dev or the Owner but we WILL jump ship if our gaming quality is affected TERRIBLY. Sooner or later, Syphon might've killed RebirthRO himself but Players would choose to save it rather than it dying. If it means supporting the expulsion of an Owner who is a liability to the Server, then yes, by all means expel him. We prefer our funds left in the hands of those who will maximize it for our Community rather than for personal benefits.

AAAAaaand... It is ALRIGHT if he actually takes and helps develop the game because he is the Owner but NOT TO THE EXTENT that he takes and leaves the Server's funds almost dry with no way of progressing without implementing events that literally begs people for more funds. I cannot count the number of times these money-hungry event were made but it's enough to call it as it is; BS.

P.S.S. I am NOT Ancyker. I am an Old Player who played RebirthRO since 2005. So please understand that my posts has NOTHING to do with Ancyker's ranting. It's just me, a player, ranting about my personal experiences when playing the game being involved in the Community I've come to love that is RebirthRO.


Like you said, dates or no dates, still doesn't change the fact of what Ancy did in the past. Do you really believe that he did this for the community? Nope, he only wanted the money for himself. He could've just start a new server from scratch, but need a lot of fund to do so. Why make a new one when he can just steal a server with stable income & playerbase, right? LOL

Before you start things like you don't understand RebirthRO, I can assure you yes I do. I played there for 9+ years, and like you, I SPENT A LOT of money to support the server, but does that mean anything? No it doesn't. You should've known that the moment you decide to donate. RRO website stated that "Once a payment has been processed through the website, it becomes property of Rebirth B.V." So how Syphon(OWNER) spend the money is really non of our business, as long as he keeps the server running, which he did. Oh boy, you're delusional if you think Ancy won't use the funds for himself.


Reasons y ancy stole it is coz. He knows if he make a new server the donators wont just jump server as most of us knows how sucky his admin ability  and how much of a power tripper he is. and who wants to just leave all the donations they made just to support some1 like that? its like gambling with a .000001% chance of success. /heh /heh
Lets face it its easier to steal it than to coax the playerbase to go to him. Im basing this from my experience when i was in rro.


I've been excavating older rebirth threads to get a better overview of the situation (Not being a player myself), and from what I can see, of course the staff would side with Ancy, he alienated all the old staff until they quit and replaced them with his girlfriends and friends, of course they would support him in any endeavor he undertakes.
If we want to make a real life politics connection it's as plain as the Don replacing the head of the FBI, supreme court chief justice and FCC heads with his friends (And dozens of other less visible entities), of course they wouldn't stop him if they want to keep their jobs and benefits.


This right here is why I can't f***ing be bothered with RO anymore.
This server is delisted, please notify the server owner.
It might be because this listing does not meet our Basic Server Requirements, the server is no longer available or the server owner have chosen to take this listing offline.


Quote from: Deacon on Dec 26, 2017, 10:32 AM
This right here is why I can't f***ing be bothered with RO anymore.

more like i cant be bothered with RRO at all anymore (played there for 4 years).


Well, like the player mentioned, the most affected are the community and the players.

I just wished I could helped those affected players somehow...


Quote from: Hakk on Dec 25, 2017, 06:42 AM
The staff can just leave and make their own server imo. Let's be real here, is he gonna steal the server if it's not making a lot of cash? And now he's asking them to file chargebacks and donate again. And maybe the staff member get a share of the income? Which is probably why they side with him.

I don't see why people are complaining about the staff wanting to be paid for using up their time to work on the server?? I mean, would you want to go into your job every day and not get paid for the work you put in? And to be treated like donkey for it on top of that by your boss? I don't really think you would.

The only reason the devs/admins put up with not being paid to begin with was because, unlike Syphon it seems, they actually CARE about the server, what happens to it, and what happens to the players.

I don't really understand why everyone gets upset when people who work hard and deserve to be paid want to actually be paid, when they should be paid.

And from what I understand, anc is asking for the donations to his paypal so he has access to the funds and can then allocate the funds accordingly, where they need to go. The reason people got the most upset here was because the donate money was supposed to be going towards the server, the devs/admins to keep it running, and new content as well as patching to keep the server smooth. But it sounds like Syphon only did part of this, and only because he wanted the bare bones frame to be done at the cheapest payment possible.

I was basically hired by one of the admins to do artwork for the website because syphon hired someone that used copywritten artworks for the main site. The site was since moved, and we are working on getting new artwork to avoid the DMCA claims. Syphon didn't even seem to care about those in the first place. You'd think a dude who gets so much money from people on the server would actually want the server to remain up and running, free of copyright infringement claims, but instead he seemed happy stealing from others, both their money + their copyright material.

Sure, you could claim ancyker+ others stole from him too by couping the server, but imo it seems sort of justified and a sort of 'this is kind of what you get when you piss people off' sort of situation lol


Quote from: Hakk on Dec 26, 2017, 01:42 AM
Like you said, dates or no dates, still doesn't change the fact of what Ancy did in the past. Do you really believe that he did this for the community? Nope, he only wanted the money for himself. He could've just start a new server from scratch, but need a lot of fund to do so. Why make a new one when he can just steal a server with stable income & playerbase, right? LOL

Before you start things like you don't understand RebirthRO, I can assure you yes I do. I played there for 9+ years, and like you, I SPENT A LOT of money to support the server, but does that mean anything? No it doesn't. You should've known that the moment you decide to donate. RRO website stated that "Once a payment has been processed through the website, it becomes property of Rebirth B.V." So how Syphon(OWNER) spend the money is really non of our business, as long as he keeps the server running, which he did. Oh boy, you're delusional if you think Ancy won't use the funds for himself.

I can understand where you come from on the basis of 'idc what happens with my money after I spend it', but it's that sort of attitude that allows corruption to continue unchecked. It's a very 'idc its not my problem someone else can deal with it' approach and it can cause a lot of issues down the line.

Sure, you just want the product you're purchasing, but what if the item you purchased suddenly disappeared from your inventory without you knowing why, and then you got a flimsy answer from someone saying 'oh you never purchased that or you forgot you spent it or you forgot you gave it away' etc. Syphon was literally doing just that; he'd delete currency from the players inventory if they didn't log in frequently and then when players noticed, he'd lie to them and tell them the above statements to try and coerce them into purchasing more.

So, turning a blind eye to this actually allows him to continue to do fraudulent things, and essentially steal from players and possibly even you, without some of them perhaps noticing or knowing how to deal with it.

Then there's the whole problem of, what becomes of the devs/admins if they do eventually leave because of the way they are treated and then repeatedly not paid when they are promised payment (which apparently happened in a few cases), when you lose a server because of payments withstanding (which also seems to have happened several times), or whatever else? Wouldn't you be upset that you dumped thousands into the server which should have been going to keep it running, to keep new content pumping, and to secure your cool content you paid real cash for only to see it suddenly just... not exist? Wasting your money spent? Etc


If you think Syphon is corrupted, then what's the difference between him and Ancy? Because last I checked, he(Ancy) is and always will be the most corrupted staff in the history of RRO.  Which means you're fine with someone with a corruption history to steal the server from a corrupted owner?  /heh /heh /heh

I don't know Syphon personally. But Syphon is in the right here because the server belongs to him. And why would you continue to provide your service if you're not being paid? Basically, you're like "omg I'm not being paid!! But hey let's continue to work for him" Don't blame anyone but yourself on this.  /heh /heh


Not expecting this to happen in RebirthRO. This story is identical to what happen to Steve Jobs. Removed from his own company.

I agree with other people though, Anyker does not have the rights to take the entire server from the owner, if you don't like how much you are getting paid, or if you do not like what's going on with the management, go make yourself own server. You shouldn't take all the hard work from the owner. That's stealing and criminal offence.

Now, Syphoon is banned from his own server. Lmfao.

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