Houses in RO?

Started by Livre, Jul 02, 2007, 04:40 PM

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I remember way way back, some servers were advertising the fact you could own your own house in the server. Does anyone know if a server still exists that has that that option? I wanted to join one where I could do that, but I lost the link ages ago and I'm curious about it!



Like rent a house or buy a house? I think PreRO has some houses like that. :o


I have the Athena scripting for that. :o

But I've never seen it done on another server unless you like donated 50 - 100 bucks for a house. :/


What exactly do you get when you own a house? Aside from I guess a sign outside that says "Bulbasteve's house".

But mmm it sounds awesome, I still want a house!


maybe you can have aunt mavis round for tea and biscuits :D


You basiclly get a small password protected map that only you and the ones who get the password has acess too... it's really only useful if you want to host some very private DB/BB parties or something.


Aww that doesn't sound as fun. It needs to be something to show off. With stuff to buy for it and pets running around or something...