rAthena website down for what reason?

Started by keens, May 14, 2013, 08:50 AM

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I was wondering what might have happened to rathena? It's been a couple of days since the website can't be accessed.  /pif
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It's always gremlins. And it's up but slow. Maybe you're far enough away from the server for "a little slow" to become a timeout.


Yeah, I couldn't access it for days as well =/... It's always asking me to retry for a live site, which never worked.
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Their IRC channel you must check, to the answer you find!
QuoteTopic: Welcome to rAthena's IRC Channel | rAthena is currently down due to a HDD failure | Current status: RAID Rebuilding


^ That and

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So there haven't been any update for more than 2 days. 

The last time I talked to Maki was Sunday and he said the hdd is in the process of rebuilding.  I thought it would be up by that night but it didn't happen.  Something else might be causing the delay.

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It's redirecting to an eathena page now  /omg



Scroll down to the end:
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Same as a normal goat?
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At least it looks like that for me.

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