AnimaRo, The MOST Corrupted Sever I've ever seen.

Started by Silver Bullet, May 28, 2007, 10:01 PM

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its a bloody good thing i never paid for animaRO

If you have queries regarding seRO please feel free to ask me.


Quote from: blazeblaster on May 30, 2007, 11:21 AM
ok dude.... I have nothing much agents animaro except that 1) the gms are mean...I MEAN JERKS 2) they wont let you say anything bad about the server (even if its to help them) 3) the GMs call me names for no reason 4) I have played animaro for almost 3 years.... after debbie died and harken took over the server went downhill... and so you know.... the attacks weren't blacktalons they were other gms that got mad

Ohh! The GMs are mean!~

Boohoo. If you're going to be trash talking their server, I don't blame them for it. The GMs call you names ? Why is it always about name calling and never about the whole argument which names are thrown. People are too damn dense these days.
My advice to you is find another server and stop your complaining, that goes for everyone else too.
-OR- quit RO, either way is fine for me.

It's 'against', not 'agents'.

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How much traffick does aRO have now?? How much did they used to have?? But, yeah, I agree the place has gone to crap.

Silver Bullet

I've taken down my statement because it doesnt help me or hurt the server and does nothing but fuel the fire.
It'll fall eventually just give it some time.
We all know theres an anti anima group out there LOL xD