BiTRO Banned cuz deleting own Reviews

Started by CupCakeServerOwner, Sep 27, 2012, 09:11 PM

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The moderators will close this in due time if necessary =D. Though, you guys mentioned how the server is closed, so closing this thread wouldn't do much anyways.

I doubt this thread is the reason why players aren't visiting your server. You guys probably need more advertising power and more captivating reasons to attract players such as the visuals/graphics and server features.

Anyways, best of luck with you guys with whatever you choose to do =D!
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Well, there is no point into having this open too since the main point is cleared and the server is now dead/closed anyway so closed this as requested. They already answered why they closed it when asked by yC too so it seems that everything is done about this.

If there is a need for seek the best ways to advertise then a new topic can be made and I'm sure many people can help with that and it will, at the same time, help a ton of others even if the main ways are already known by pretty much everybody[spread the word and advertise].

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