UARO Admin Team BANS all Russian people from playing on their server.

Started by Nova, Oct 23, 2023, 04:33 PM

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Yes, that title is not a joke.
This server has banned any and ALL Russians from playing on their server simply because they are Russian.
See for yourself:

I am not associated with NovaRO.


You did not post the RMS discord discussion in which the reason is revealed. 

This was reported to us from the victim at the server's discord:

RMS is not the right place to discuss political issue or world issue.  We are not going to judge this.
Our terms of services do not disallow server setting their own rules.

Before this gets out of hands and hurt the feelings of those in another part of the world, I will close this topic.

The topic will stay as a helpful reminder to other that are looking for servers.
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