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Started by Fantaxy, Aug 31, 2013, 07:26 AM

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Quote from: Fruit Pie~ on Sep 03, 2013, 07:10 PM
It might blow your mind, but discussing why his hypothetical server is affected by his attitude or how it's going to stand out among the extensive ocean of bland mid-rates is discussing the server.

It's just not what the OP wants to hear, that's all.

EDIT : If we could only post things that agreed with the OP and reinforced his views, we might as well go full on Reddit and turn this whole community into a gigantic circlejerk.

Agree with what? Reinforce what views? All the OP did was ask for input. No views or things to agree on or disagree with about this hypothetical server are offered in the OP's two posts in this thread.


Quote from: Meta on Sep 03, 2013, 06:58 PM
I'm starting to agree with Boreas on the state of the community at RMS. This whole thread is embarrassing for the community. Triper has had to clean it up twice.

Let the OP discuss this hypothetical server with interested parties and opt out of participating if it bugs you so much.

Welcome to 2013. You're funny if you think younger people will be more polite nowadays rather than the older people, just saying.

Also, I've given my opinion. It's up to OP again.


All I asked for was a question to server preference and I got people ganging up on me like no tomorrow. o.o

Its simple, you post what you like and don't like, I'm not trashing anyone for not having the same idea to my -current- setup for the server, I appreciate those, and they do indeed help me out.
Also, its not really hypothetical, per se, its already hosted as of the moment.

Fruit Pie~

Quote from: Cressy on Sep 03, 2013, 08:33 PM
His attitude seems good for someone opening a server. He's open to the ideas of others, though still has something of his own plan. Which just shows that he didn't just roll in here intending to get told how to make a server, he just wanted ideas on what would be BEST to improve on and add to the server he already has in mind. Rose attacked him, out of no where from what I can see, and so he defended himself; not sure how that's an attitude problem.

Also, about the circlejerk. Looks like you and Rose are already started with each other, should we join in on that, or is it a private party?
Rose Tea has his rude way of saying things, but at the core of his message, here's what he's asking : "What makes your server unique?".

The proper response to that isn't calling him a retard and telling him to get out of the thread. Triper let that post live, it's certainly not a troll or off-topic by this forum's standards.

Besides, our relationship is a different beast entirely. As far as I know, a circlejerk is when a bunch of terrible nerds start patting each other on the back and never quite realize their flaws or do anything towards fixing them. Me and Tea are an odd-couple gimmick where he acts as the blunt, cynical straight man and I act as his optimistic, silly foil, and we both post together and "in-character" in threads.

Both are awful and would never exist in a decent forum, but understand that we're a calculated act - a circlejerk is a social defense mechanism.

@Fantaxy : To me, it's really more the way you talk than what you're doing. The two people who "ganged up" on you asked relevant questions : "Does your team have the chops to do that?" and "What makes your server different?". Your response to both was kind of aggressive.