Project Sunshine victim of DDOS

Started by bigloss, Mar 30, 2024, 10:22 PM

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Project Sunshine launched yesterday and has been plagued by DDoS attack. Which server owner is behind this? 🤔


First, I'll have to rename your topic so it wouldn't look like an advertisement.

For your question, sometimes DDOS doesn't have to do with what you do at all.  It could be IP history or someone find your server is vulnerable to attack, lack of protection becomes an easy target etc...


Indeed. It doesn't automatically mean so and so server(s) are behind this; it could be one guy who hates the admin's guts, or people who felt like testing it and maybe have a giggle or just love spreading chaos...

Either way, getting DDoS on launch and apparently today still (site fails to load most of the time, the one time I was able to says Map Server is offline) sure raises an eyebrow.


I saw it happening often when promising servers are opening. It's like a first test how well the owners are prepared to handle such situation.

In a way it's an honor, it means someone sees you as a threat.


I figured it was a DDOS. As I attempted to look up the site, I could barely open the page.


I really dont get the point of waste time/money with DDOS a pservers.

Personally, I was actively playing beta, making sugestions and playing almost all launch weekend (when server was ON).

I dont like GM attitude or how they manage some issues/topics. But, obiously, thats my opinion and my problem so I just stop playing there. Its easy like that...


Got to open more decent servers so the DDOSes cannot harm all!


Quote from: OriginsRO on Apr 01, 2024, 12:52 PMGot to open more decent servers so the DDOSes cannot harm all!
I agree and would like to see more healthy competition.

Project Sunshine

I kindly want to ask you to close this topic. It serves no real purpose discussion other than pointing fingers at other server owners for no reason.