Who is DDoSSing EvolveRO: Rise of Legends?

Started by Anatoly, Jun 03, 2024, 04:04 PM

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this is what happened when we are enjoying playing in this server! have a good heart dude! 4x they attack the server for what? Well what goes around comes around!  /lv


Hey, dont worry. This stuff can happen when a new server is becoming popular. Most big servers have experienced this multiple times. Server seems to run good DDOS protection, so i would say just hang in there. The owner of evolve seems like he has a great understanding on it too. Remember, a lot of DDOS attacks want you to get fed up and leave, so don't let it get to you <3


Maybe the same guy who DDOS'd the first EvolveRO years ago?  /hmm
Unlikely though. My guess is someone bearing a grudge because the Admin was totally corrupt and @item MVP cards on the first evolveRO.  /heh


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Oh someone still living in past! cant remember that anymore!  /ok