Pre-RO some serious problems

Started by Talina, Jun 12, 2007, 04:43 AM

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Husband and I are looking for a good Super High Rate server that does not over-reward donators. We are willing to donate after a month of play and we see the server deserves it. Suggestions for a good server would be appreciated.

Now for my review of Pre-RO USA extrem pk off

The unbalanced server

Forget WOE if you are not a donator, Forget Events if you are not a donator, Forget MVP rooms and Gold rooms if you are not a donator. Yes you can go to events and goto these rooms but there will be plenty of donator players stealthed and waiting to kill you because you are hunting a card ect. No matter your lvl no matter the Cards you manage to get you will not be able to kill a Donator. Donator stats examples are on their forums...example str 999+35,081 , dex 999+35,011...that is just one donator example...

There are guilds there dedicated to farming the MVP rooms. One guild is even called MVP, they have one player in every other room so that they can click the guide and go quickly to a MVP room u are in and One shot kill you. Then they leave. They do this repeatedly to prevent anyone not donating to not be able to get cards. As if having a card is going to help balance the server. It won't help balance anything. The donator stats are far too overpowered. The guilds are a joke. They have donator only guilds and they own everything.

Donations are important for a server to operate, and there are plenty of people like myself that are willing to donate for the purpose of having a stable balanced server that is fun. When I donate to a server I will not want or expect extreme GOD items that make me so overpowered that I can not duel a non-donator without one shot kill them. Rewarding a donator with zeny or special items are fine but to over do it is to make a server imbalanced.

Pre-RO extremely unbalanced. My experience there in 3 weeks was mainly annoying, but I tried to stay to give it a decent amount of time to improve the obvious problems.

The GM's

The GM's that can assist in technical errors such as loosing all stats when you hit lvl 999 are never available. The only GM's that I spoke to, told me to pay the 100 million zeny to the de-levler and be set back to lvl 780 then goto reset lady and pay additional 50k to get stat points back. Even though it was a server error that caused my Character to be bugged and have no stat points when I hit lvl 999, it was my responsibility to fix problem. I had left messages on forums in tech-prob areas and had tried hours and days on end to contact GM ingame. No success. So i made another character and lvled it to lvl 999 in about 10 hours of play, putting up again with the donators assasinating my character over and over. Once I got Character to 999 with all stats and good cards and equipement, I went to MVP rooms to still be killed quickly. That is when I decided that this was not a server I would stay at or donate to.

I witnessed day after day the GM on the server quickly signing on to announce a players ip address and password and account info, to the other players on server, encouraging them all to raid the account and take items that were on it because he was banning it. I witnessed the reasons these accounts got banned...Because they gave bad reviews, or posted on forums under suggestions. That is an automatic ban. If you say anything negative about server you will be banned. I posted suggestions to server on their forums and it will be only a matter of time b4 i will be banned now. Doesnt matter though because I won't be back there.

tearbleu is the main gm I believe and he does the banning and makes quick announcements with banned players ip address, account info, password. I was never able to get a hold of him at any time. He made quick appearances to announce things and then immediately would sign off. If you manage to send message to him he did not answer and then he would be signed off. All the other GM's are not authorized to fix problems for you..such as the loss of stats. If there are any others with that authorization they were never available. In 3 weeks of 8 hours a day play, and constantly checking @whogm there were none on, I managed to contact in that time 2 gm's and they were friendly but not authorized.

There were constant GM announcements telling everyone there would not be an event if the players did not go and Vote for server or write a good review. Promises made that if you voted you would recieve items. Those promises were not kept btw.

The Players

I met many people there. New players that I helped or gave items to. I managed to meet some pretty nice people there, about a handful. They were all non-donators and were struggling along being nice to other non-donators. The donator players and there seems to be alot of them, are rude, and are only interested in upping their kill status. They stalk low lvl players in the MVP rooms, killing them over and over. I tried for 2 weeks to find a whitesmith that would upgrade my weapons to 10..none would respond or do it. I finally found a non-donator and if i joined guild he agreed to upgrade.

There are quite a few people on the servers but numbers are dropping fast. I have noticed the reviews that are very negative are coming in quickly and I suspect this server will fail soon. Unless they wisen up and nerf the donator items. If they don't nerf their items then they at the very least need to make the MVP rooms, Gold Rooms and Labortory non PVP. Even this will not fix the WOE problem. Only way to fix that problem is to nerf donator items or offer those items to others through quest possibly.


Oh wow. That server sounds like it was designed from the start-up to just be a money grabber. Donation items you MUST have, GMs that don't care about anything that won't improve the server's image... threats to reveal account passwords if you do anything they don't like! Sure this is a RO server and not the mafia?

And sorry, I can suggest any high-rate servers, I am not fond of those (by the way, most people around here agree that having very high levels very easily breaks game balance anyway).

(RMS reviews)


That experience sounds horrible, and I feel for you. It takes a lot of shopping around to find a good high rate. I ended up at SlyRo, and am very happy there. Donations do not influence gameplay, and the community is good. PM me if you want more details.


some people are just not cut out to be server admins. they are too immature and do not understand balance, and the importance of admins to look after personal information etc. im glad rate my server exposes these terrible servers for what they are.


There seems to be lots of talk abotu Pre-Ro right now
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