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Started by pupu, Jan 13, 2008, 09:07 PM

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Ansuz Isaz

Tch. xD A.K.A., we're in over our heads, and not thinking far enough ahead. There goes that. xD Oh well. Thanks for mentioning the obvious to me before we realized this two or three months into the project, only to realize we needed to stop, less we wanted sued out of what little money us college students have. xD



Quote from: Veirt on Jan 16, 2008, 05:58 PM
xD Damn you though, Skotlex. You and your server that is not run by any exact Admin or GM, per say, so no one bothers you. xD Guess it's a very effective system, though, if you can play without complaint.
Wrong, when people know who I am, i am still bothered, but not with GM related questions, of course :v Players instead prefer to query me as if I were a knowledge database @_@ "do you know if this item is in? how did this skill work again?what was my minimum damage from again? Hey I got an idea... why don't you... <blah blah blah>", it isn't that bad though.. sometimes the curse is on myself since I often get ideas on how to improve the server so I would get stuck on a loop play->improve->test->play forever :B I do prefer when people don't know who I am, it's kinda fun to go around anonymously, but that is very hard to do on a small community :v

As for .hack, you won't be bothered unless the server gets popular and starts gaining attention. If you do it for yourselfs and your friends, you probably won;t have any problems. If you plan to make it a public project, it may get some troubles... but I am not sure how likely that is, can't you say the same of eAthena being a RO emulator and not having the rights to Ragnarok Online? Well RO uses very generic terms... /hmm, well the only person who would know for sure if you are in trouble or not would be lawyers.

(RMS reviews)


1 thing NOT to do if you wanna stay secret, don't hotkey GM commands in your shortcut then use them by mistake on your legit XD (of course the legit not having the @command it appears as text only and then you go /swt /swt /swt)

Another thing that sucks with having legit on the open is the fake attention you'll get, people will suddenly wanna befriend you. As skotlex mentions there is also the "hey I think you should do this and that with the server" and the using you as a RO database. All that doesn't personally bother me as much as "can I be your friend?" totally out of nowhere and you just know they wouldn't befriend you if you weren't the admin, hate that kinda hypocrisy. And then there is the opposite, other people will systematically hate you because in their eyes you represent "the authority".

@Veirt you can make something that is like Hack, inspired by it, as long as it's different enough. If you wanna make it that exactly then you'll need copyright like others mentioned. Lastly, even if your project doesn't work out in the end, it's still worth it if you have fun doing it and it can lead you to other fun projects. But honestly, making a new game is hard. And if you only mod RO you'll be faced with being limited by it. I know because I once had a similar project, haven't given up entirely actually but I know I can't do it without the right team. If you decide to go ahead and do it, make lots of plans, can never have too much planning, be very organized ^_^

Much derived from the original topic, hope Pupu doesn't mind XD
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1 thing NOT to do if you wanna stay secret, don't hotkey GM commands in your shortcut then use them by mistake on your legit XD (of course the legit not having the @command it appears as text only and then you go /swt /swt /swt)
Oh god I have done similar things like typing out @speed 0 instead of @showexp or @item instead of @iteminfo on my legit in public -_-. I also hate the fact that I love to help the people so for me I HAVE to be in #support (kind of like in-game IRC) and whenever someone needs help but a GM isn't on I just cant resist the urge to help lol even tho I know I would eventually have to go on my GM to help the person.

QuoteAnd then there is the opposite, other people will systematically hate you because in their eyes you represent "the authority".
Yeah =/ but personally I don't really mind giving out my legit name cause I don't really even go on it alot.

Ansuz Isaz

Hm. o.o This all sounds kind of interesting. The idea was to make a literal simulation of both series of the games, with starting with G.U., since it'd be any easier set up to fit to how the RO works. The main idea was that we were all kind of tired with the idea of waiting for the rumored Fragment [ I've been into .Hack for a while, so I've kept track of these kind of things. xD ] and noticed just how RO seems to be the ideal system to mess with, since programming this from complete scratch with only six people who only have about a year and a half of experience in various fields will be hard enough as it is with an actual idea with what we're trying to design. xD I'd know what kind of codes to set up, we all ready have models for what we needed to create, and so one - but... Hm. xD

Honestly, though, we're trying to make a fair re-enactment of the game, and this would mean, at the very least, keeping their class set up, and at least the basic idea of their appearance. Could I get away with this, at the very least? Part of the game would be nearly impossible to program with RO anyhow. xD Such as their Warp system. Maybe it can be made, but my mind can't stretch to find a way. Also, the reward system for completing a field would be a bit hard to pull off, so we'd end up making customized ways of doing that anyhow. Would this be acceptable without me getting slaughtered? o.o

... Really, I think I should just make another topic in Support or so. xD We're flooding a rant about how GM's don't get to play their legits in peace with this. -Wonders if topic will get closed because of the off-topic nature.-

To at least have something in-topic related: Being too helpful would definitely cause some issues. xD At the very least, at least warp out with your character - perhaps walk them away from sight so no one realizes you had left to go to your GM account - and go on your GM account, then merely make a joke at the coincidence of your timing. xD Dunno. Really, the whole issue with playing legits would probably get really frustrating. There are only so many things you can do, I suppose. o.o Besides turning assy and telling them to fark off, which wouldn't exactly be too good for your image, eh? xD


XD, I've done it once, but nobody was there to see it. I'm so lucky.

GUESS WHAT. The "dragonz" person that wrote the bad review is STILL playing on the server. He told me he had the right to complain about something that doesn't make sense and that he has ZERO PROOF.


Well, maybe he has friends and he doesn't want to leave with out them ???