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Started by Buckyx, Aug 07, 2012, 10:00 AM

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are? :D

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Probably the one's on the top of RMS?

Eg: Talon, Dreamer, heRO, Phantasm, and so on..


Basically the servers listed mainly on the first page of each server rate review index XD.
Not all are that good--just some who have enough players (or other means *cough), survived long enough, etc have a greater number of reviews written. Some servers are decent, some not so much. Got to see for yourself.

You can check the top 5 servers for each rate for yourself and see which one appeals to you. If none, move down the list o-o.

Most popular servers would have...
-High(er) population, greater than a few hundreds I guess?
-Good first impression (like website, forums, graphics that you first see before playing)
-Active forums
-Lots of reviews and votes; perhaps lots of advertising as well since they got the funds to do so
-A server history consisting of more than just a few months
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