Any need for low rates?

Started by MrMystery, Jul 26, 2012, 01:17 AM

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It seems like today everyone is always talking about MR/HRs. Does anyone even care to join LR servers anymore? Seems to me like there's little talk of low rate servers.

What if a server could appeal to both the LR pvm/mvp population but at the same time appeal to those that like woe? Is that possible?


Seen a few low rates pop-up in the last month or so, along with iRO's pre-renewal server, and some talk about EternityRO v4.


Super Smash Brothers 64!


Simple answer: Yes.

LRs are one of the most flexible. That alone puts endless opportunities, and ideas into play.


Personally, I prefer low-rate servers.
They are more fun and less queasy.

Pessoalmente, prefiro servidores de rate baixa.
São mais divertidos e enjoam menos.


LR servers are fun, but they have too much requirement. (population, stable server, etc)
Besides with the short server life span these days it's not even interesting to jump into one now.

and if I recall only renewal low rates are new, :v


There is a need for "good", "stable", "fun", "balanced" and "long-lasting" low-rate server.  There isn't a need for low-rate server that goes from open to close in a spend of a month or two.

The risk factor for a player to start on a "new and promising" low-rate server is huge compare to starting on a MR/HR.  Like they said up there, low-rate need to have a population or at least a somewhat active community to be fun.  If it's just an empty server it will be no different than playing a mid/high rate.  So with that, not as many people are willing to commit to a low-rate and we get the bad cycle over and over.

Your ideal is only possible when there are enough active players on a server.  Without this key, nothing will work with mvp nor woe.  But as I pointed out, it is incredibly hard to "build up", "keep up" and "keep growing" a low-rate population these days due to the bad cycle history.  Everyone who used to play low-rate, including me, was hurt by the "low-rate close lose everything don't want to start again" curse one way or another in the past that the damage done was so huge that people aren't coming back to the low-rate again (for some time).

Right now, my best bet would be on iRO (classic for non-re) knowing it kind of fits the population and long-lasting requirements.  Personally, there is a lack of confidence on newly opened low-rate server, if everyone has the same skeptical view as me, unfortunately these new low-rate won't get very far.


Oh, definitely. I can't stand playing on servers where you can trans in a day (That's about 30-50x depending on class, for me anyway). Call me old fashioned, but I like farming my stuff and working with people.

Low rates can definitely appeal to those who like to WoE. I've found that people who play low rates really get to know their build (There are a few exceptions....). The main problem that I've seen is that, whether from laziness or being just plain busy, people don't want to spend a bunch of time hunting their gear.

It's true that it's a big risk to invest a bunch of time and effort into a low rate, but if there's a statement that the server has been paid for for at least a year or something to that effect, that shouldn't be an issue.


Based on what the community posts, there is.

There is a ton of people looking for one but, as many posters before me said in another words, people are scared to join them because there is nothing that says/guarantees that he will be here for years for their personal enjoyment but with the new iro classic server the problem is a bit covered for now so unless there is something très epic and amazing that have some sort of way to make players be sure that the server will survive for quite a long time and makes everybody happy wit no crazy ideas and stay loyal to the game as people know, forget it.