Payon Stories has been DEVASTATED by the guild [p2w]

Started by Nova, Jul 16, 2023, 05:09 PM

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Quote from: 2k2 on Oct 08, 2023, 03:52 PMAnd this was the whole point of not only my posts, but the posts of a few others members in this thread: there's no way for a regular uninvolved person to have proves of said RMT other than hearsay or direct confirmation from someone involved (which doesn't prove sh*t still, as the moment we pass the info forward, it becomes hearsay as well). Also nobody that cared about it seems to have continued play there, so why would we bother with proving anything here now? We (? I did, at least) tried hard but the staff just ignored it. Staff are the ones that could easily and quickly prove it someone is RMTing or not, so getting a tip of who might be doing it should have been enough for them to investigate, confirm and punish the players, but nothing was done about it.

And wouldn't be hard at all. P2w guild admitted to have RMTed their whole time in OathRO when the server exploded. Why do you think they would play clean this time? Lmao once a cheater, always a cheater, simply as that.

Server owners should ban on sight any previous serious offender even if it wasn't in the your server. P2w guild and Reborn player for example, they have admitted and given proof of what they have done whenever a server ends or they're done with it: they RMT from the start to end. Why would allow such cancer to join the community? Or worse: why allow them not only to join, but not keep close eyes on everything they do on the server and especially check whatever reports against them?

Never asked special treatment because it's specifically them. I ask special treatment because it's a bunch of known and confirmer cheaters. If I was a cheater, I should 100% be on a Blocklist/being monitored all the time.

You give the benefit of the doubt for unknowns potential or first timer offenders. On confirmed offenders, you treat them the way it's expected them to be treated: carefully and always under suspicions, just like how things are in real life.

I just want to point out, it was not the WHOLE guild of P2W, just doodoo Reborn and he was banned from the discord. And banned again when the staff were shown what his ingame account was, considering they could not just look at the oathRO data base to see what his IP or mask address was to add to the ban list. So they did take action against him when they could, as for the rest of the guild I can not speak for if they did or did not do anything. But as I said, people need to remember this is the internet and people will say what ever they want because they are behind a screen and not face to face. Just like I could say 2K2 was banned from 17 servers for botting, just because I said it without proving it, does that make it true?


Quote from: Ayami on Oct 03, 2023, 02:35 PMjust as I did with Talon and Nova
Just curious, who were you on Nova, and around when did you work there?


  Honestly this article start to annoy me, in a different server and time p2w... Same player Same guild lose 

multiple time especially pre-trans... Payon Stories still great choice under multiple factor, un-experience player

ill always took time to close the gap before be decent at woe, that mean cry, lose an sometime just move on... As 

everybody can back-read they like to provoke try-hard an ofc they have nice well-knowledge of the game in general.

Anyways still <They can lose> an happen more than once even in PS that very hilarious how nobody talk about it...

I enjoy personally  <no software no cheaterino> 5 woe as coolguy an demigods perhaps with random guys, great guys but

 with no synergy at all, got 4 castle so please calm down still great server still great ideas i personally like the

motivation of most of the staff.

About RMT and software rumor i have no mercy an wont waste my attention more than i do this mornings if true ill

stole to me another smile.

PS: long run server i truly hope so /ho

Swordman lover


Quote from: 2k2 on Oct 02, 2023, 04:25 PMYes. Aaron's bunch of clowns and weirdos. iro scrubs, p2w etc. Doing the very same thing they do in every server, then crying at how the RO community is dying or becoming more and more casual.
Are you the same Ayami that was a major part of Oath's implosion? The one who was aggressively protecting Oath, their antics and the general corruption and problems in that server?

The problems you talked about are not exclusively tied to the WoE or competitive scene, it's more of a problem with toxicity and the inability of the server's staff to handle it, or in some cases, directly help/protect the toxic side instead of punishing them, which is what happened in Payon Stories and what always happened in servers like Talon Tales. Server staff protecting toxic players, protecting their RMT schemes and such is what kills the server, not WoE or overall competitive scene.

Take Origins as an example, the server had a very competitive PvE scene and the WoE scene was alright, with lots of old guilds/groups competing for years, some dating back from official servers, and the toxicity there wasn't blatant or everywhere (besides the usual "ggnoobs" or sending emoticons upon winning) because the staff was actively punishing it and enforcing their rules, without protecting specific individuals or entire groups. Toxicity is dominant only on servers where the staff doesn't give a f***. Servers where the staff actually act like staff, toxicity is the least of the problems.

Payon Stories had a solid community (excluding p2w group, where if they were banned from the start, the server would be in a much better place right now) and a solid shot at succeeding after the fiasco that OathRO was, but bad decisions alongside with stupid, useless and corrupt GMs/Moderators is what slowly killed/is killing the server.

Lol, how? If anything, RO has become too hardcore. The socializing aspect is almost gone. It's the same people trying to get to the top and shaming others for not doing so on private servers. Like what is the point? We've been playing this game for decades.


That's some dedication if P2W is still out there lol.