New euRO renewal server?

Started by Feebee, Nov 23, 2020, 04:42 AM

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So I was googling for "ragnarok europe" and came across this site [link removed]
It uses the exact same design of the old euRO website, but most links don't seem to work. No client download or anything.

The server does not seem to be listed on RMS. Has anybody heard of this or know what it's about? The feed says the server is live...



First time I see this server as well, it looks pretty good and well made, they even got the wiki setup for most of the parts, but I can't find any download or way to join the server as well.

While it does look like an official server and homepage, especially since it looks like the one from WhyBe back when they were still open, I also feel like for the moment this project is still in big development.

But lets wait and see how it goes and turns out, would be a welcome surprise if the server turns out to be good :D


Based on the links on the site, it is clearly using flux cp so it can't be official.  I will at least remove that in your topic title to avoid misleading.

It looks new but looks like any other private server setup, didn't see anything special about it.
There's a section in the forum that says "write a review" that lead to our main page, could be still in the making.


It's a p.serv. The Flux theme is a conversion from old waybackmachine snapshots  /no1

Ragnarok EU

Hello everybody.

I am the admin of the server. We've been working on this server for the past 6 months and the server was never meant to be made public this early. It's still in the works and there's still a long way to go. Ever since this thread was created, we're dealing with multiple issues.

1. The ex-staff member of the old european Ragnarok server contacted us. Our staff is/was using avatars and nicknames from the old euRO GMs. Simply as a meme, we didn't come up with actual GM names yet. Of course he complained, we then removed the avatars and changed our nicknames as those were just a meme and for fun anyway.

2. We've received another message from RO-GM06 saying the following:
"Still alive, not working on anything close to RO. I will not share anything from the previous website (even though i can prevent you from doing anything). "

This was a response to the guy who wanted to create our website after he asked him if he still has the template of the old euRO website. Instead we bought a template from Akkarin (rAthena).

3. And another message from the official ex-euRO-GM, which actually made us set the project to PAUSE is:

"4game could take legal action against us, for using their website template."


Europe feels really dry when it comes to renewal servers which is why our server exists in the first place. Our goal was to create an european renewal server, as close to the official euRO/kRO servers as possible and I think we've developed a pretty damn good server, but with the recent events that occured.. we're unsure if we really wanna continue with this project, because all we wanted was a good and fun european renewal server and not legal action being taken against us.

I really hope the creator of this thread can somehow delete or remove it and you guys just move on with your life as if this thread never existed. The server may or may not go live, we don't know.


I seriously doubt they would really take legal actions. Legal actions take money, to what end? Sue someone who has not made a dime on a project that has not yet started? Copyright lawsuits are tedious.

Just replace things that don't belong to you (make temporary place holder graphics if need be). I doubt they legally own the server name.

Harden yourself against critics, any server is sure to get plenty ;) you can never make everybody happy.

Good luck!
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I am removing the link to the server in the first post and locking this topic, since the OP already got the answer to his/her question.

Either it's a self promoting tactics or that the server owner (without verification) wish to be kept away from public while the server is in the making, we don't try to bring unnecessary attention to any server in this forum (except through the advertisement section, by server staff).