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Started by Smoke, May 11, 2023, 12:34 PM

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Hello there,

I'm Sephus (Smoke from the original days). I've created a new Ragnarok Online emulator that is a re-write of eAthena and Hercules in C++ and LUA. This means that I've taken the good coding practices and habitations of great modules which could be re-written and placed them after much thought over great techniques to enhance the workings and placed them in a C++ environment, along with LUA. Enabling me to enhance and re-characterize the RO development practice as a great creative world of possibilities for veteran and newly recruited gamers. The name of this project is Horizon.

As time passed in coding with developers in the eAthena, rAthena and Hercules environments, I realized we needed a change in the development aspects of the projects that allows users to create modifications on the fly and easily modify the deeply nested modules and features which can alter important and integral performance of the gameplay. I realized that the way to create this is using LUA on the back-end, fixing it in positions that are easily modifiable. Components such as skills and job mechanics should actually be scriptable and allow modifications on the fly, easily by letting you modify simple code in LUA and not a compiled language such as C or C++. I believe this can be achieved and started our project giving hope to the community members who wish to find a more enjoyable and modifiable gameplay. Later in our development we will adhere to official standards of game progression but for now we're communalizing the project and forging the approach to creating a better and stabilized software. If you care to contribute and develop with us and help us detail the concepts of the emulator software, visit us at where you will understand what it is, and how to help us with the code and development.

In the time that is needed to let us collaborate with other forums and venues which will capableize the software to grow more and branch out into different development directions feel free to share this page with friends and people of the forum.

Thanks and best regards,


*moves topic*, this will get more attention here.

I think server owners always welcome a way to modify their server in a simpler way.  Though the project has a long way to go.

The way rAthena/Hercules have the code in C/C++ is more foolproof.  Can't say I like how they made everything into yml in the last 1-2 years but that seems to be the way things are going.

While starting this project, you think rAthena/Herc don't have this planned in the future?


Thank you yC for approving this topic and moving it to the appropriate forum. I don't think they have it in their plans to extend modifications of the more nested components but I can't say for sure. There could be somethings that change how skills, statuses and other gameplay mechanics work in the later lifecycles of the emulators. Overall I think its a good venture to elaborate on what has already been done in the past on either emulators and work towards a more complete and modernized direction of coding for the game. That said, thinking for the next 10 years of RO emulation, I think we would require a modern codebase and environment to work in as well. If server owners are generous, they will spend some time to think of what is next required for the RO emulation community and move onward from there.
Its great to be here on ratemyserver, thanks yC for your kind approval to work on your forum.


Here is a topic that describes how Horizon stands out as an emulator and how it really works internally, giving it the wings it needs to provide a large player base. Have a read on it -


You probably shouldn't block access for unregistred users or copy it here, otherwise it's unlikely anybody is going to read it.


Hey Playtester, thanks for responding. The material we provide in information is important and we would like to keep it that way. We want to preserve the degree of knowledge it provides and keep the importance of it understood by people, not share it away without concern for who looks at it. So we like to understand people who read our content and want to track their response as an audience or members of our community. Please don't find it repulsive to become part of a community and make it important to find more concern for the information it provides. I hope you can simply register to just read its content rather than take it for free without giving something back to our staff and community members. Hope I'm not wrong to ask of that.


Imagine needing to register just to read a synopsis on something. Or to watch a trailer. Absolutely ridiculous lmao. If all you need to do to read it is register, then how are we still not getting it for free? Do you want people to look at your project or not?


Quote from: faker on Jun 11, 2023, 11:52 AM
Imagine needing to register just to read a synopsis on something. Or to watch a trailer. Absolutely ridiculous lmao. If all you need to do to read it is register, then how are we still not getting it for free? Do you want people to look at your project or not?
There is information regarding the project's work structure, the understanding of work ordains, system diagrams and performance information related to the development in concern. We require that this information is kept in secure control and not provided to the outside authorities who are not a part of our governing ecosystem. We want the information controlled and regulated by staying concerned with the ownership and responsibility. It is not just a trailer or about getting materials for free. We do want you to look at our project but it comes with certain responsibility of being the bearer of our work and knowledge.