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Started by 2k2, Oct 22, 2023, 05:23 PM

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Quote from: luckyblackat on Dec 05, 2023, 10:01 PMFinally, Orange/Island, you are a really weird person and very manipulative, you act like a friendly person, you lie to people in order to try to play a good guy, but in the end you are just as bad as any exploiter

To be clear I did not lie to pretend to be a good guy; I don't justify my actions with anything other than "I wanna have fun" and "I do not like scammers/corrupt servers" - I'm just some wannabe coffeezilla/kitboga if you want to put it that way. You guys telling hundreds of people you checked logs for a month is lying to look like a good guy. You guys saying you'll ban p2w the first time they do something then ignoring them causing a wipe, using slurs in your discord and exploiting on the server for its entire runtime is lying to look like the good guy.

I just want to reiterate that in my 20 year ragnarok online history I have not been banned for exploiting or cheating on a single server, including this one. I have never so much as been tied to an exploit besides dumb things like tanking mi gao's when metamorphesis was in the game. The most serious thing I did on your server was pay 130m for a combat knife and the actual exploiters took it from there. If you are seriously comparing me to the people that actually destroyed your server I am at a loss for words.

I used social engineering to get the RMTers and exploiters to expose themselves because I was dissatisfied with the actions the server itself took towards them.

I'd love to see the code that generated a 96% dragon resistance armor btw.


Quote from: luckyblackat on Dec 05, 2023, 10:01 PMwall of text
Seriously, blackat, don't bother. After seeing the attack on a server that isn't even open with unfounded claims with 0 evidence, I'm less inclined to believe 2k2 from the beginning. This guy is unhinged, and while your server has flaws that are as the result of GM negligence(this I will not excuse you from), the rest seems to be unfounded nonsense with not a shred of evidence. The Ragnarok Online community can be toxic and generally unforgiving, but the rewards of actually playing the game and making servers worth forming memories around are incomparable. You seem like a good person, so let me advise you thoroughly:

  • Do not participate in drama. If you do, do it very briefly and reply with facts only. An appeal to emotion is not sufficient.
  • Do not allow any form of toxicity on your server of any kind. Even light-hearted "trash-talk" will escalate. Gamers are incapable of keeping their cool.
  • Thoroughly test everything. ALWAYS assume that gamers will try to break your game. Ragnarok Online is inherently competitive and gamers will destroy your server just to 1 UP their rivals.

Most of all-

  • Have fun. If something or someone bothers you to the point of you quitting development. Ban them, block them, mute them, get rid of them. There is no server without a staff willing to deliver it.


Server is closed.  Time to close this discussion as anything beyond this point is pure speculation.

The topic itself is a story from a player's perspective, keep in mind that different player might have a different experience.  So make your own judgement based on what is presented.

To anyone that is reporting posts for sharing private chat, our global forum rules will support take down of personal information such as real life photo, phone number, addresses etc.  If there is such, you will need to point out exactly where to look for in your report.  Thank you.