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Started by 2k2, Oct 22, 2023, 05:23 PM

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Quote from: luckyblackat on Oct 23, 2023, 07:47 AMI don't know if this is how replys work here, sorry if this is wrong. Reading this font while typing is kinda hard.

Appreciate the comment, I did my reasearch on said guild reading some posts around, even before starting this project I read about it in some places, I don't know the full story or origin of it, and I have received info from other people about said guild, I usually like to have my own take on things, soo far, it seems like they are just a big group with some very dedicated/nerd players that tryhard a ton and have been called exploiters, I did hear about the RMT aspect just as well as the toxicity, which we are aware, but honestly we don't think it's fair to ban people for outside reasons without an act have being commited.

The exp quest and alchemist were mistakes on our part, where multiple people abused (even more the exp quest since it's the first thing you do), and they have been reporting other bugs just like everyone.

However I do wanna state, that if said people are found doing things like "trolling" in chat which they did get some timeouts, to more serious in game things such as bug abusing and RMT or dual/multi, they will be punished just like any other person.

In the last part of your message you say more serious things like bug abusing, which is exactly what they did, causing your server to wipe. While I agree that the bugs were your fault, wouldn't you say that all bugs will be the administrators fault? In that case, what is the difference exactly?


Quote from: Playtester on Oct 23, 2023, 07:35 AMSo you would ban any players that got more Exp from a quest than intended and didn't report the issue?

How would you as a player know that you got the intended amount?

Those players might have done it intentionally. Saw through "show exp" that the quest gave too much Exp, then asked for multi-leveling to be enabled and then abuse it after launch. But it's hard to proof it that they knew it was bugged.

And if you make it a bannable offense even when you cannot proof the intend, that would mean that any player who gets more Exp than he should and does not immediately report that could be banned, which I'm not sure is an environment most players would want to play on.
The players (their entire guild) have a long history of toxicity, tying with corrupt admins, antisocial issues (including racism, homophobia, xenophobia etc), RMT and worst: doxxing. They don't hide or deny any of this, and in fact, this has been talked and exposed extensively by the community in many different places such as Reddit, RateMyServer, YouTube and Twitch. A quick search on either RMS or Reddit and you will find a lot of sh*t about this guild/group and their leaders.

Doesn't help the leader himself loves to brag about his exploits and will always admit and show all the evidences of corruption whenever a server they were on exploded.

Nobody asked the staff to ban them for the sole exp abuse, people were asking the staff to preemptively ban them because of their history of RMTing and causing chaos in every server they play on.

To Luckyblackcat:

Like Wiind questioned, why is it so hard for the staff to get rid of this group, since it's the only chance the server has to thrive? There are massive rumours about [ADM]Loki being close friends with this guild, they admitted to purposely plan, prepare and abuse bugs, THEY WILL be RMTing, and the staff had said in multiple occasions they wouldn't deal with them unless they have done something in their server, but not the thing has been done, why are they still in your Discord and still going to be playing?
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Eh, as I wrote my post, 3 new posts were submitted.


How can you say that you "couldn't find anything against said guild" when there are probably over 20 posts over the years about this guild and their leaders here on RMS and Reddit alone? Hell, Reborn himself admitted and showed multiple evidences (in screenshots) of his corruption ties with Oathkeeper (OathRO ADM) and how most of their staff was backing up their RMT scheme, and later he mocked Payon Stories server and how they (p2w) were going to continue their RMT on that server as well.

Please don't make bullsh*t excuses to protect them. Own that the server was made for them like a hell lot of people are claiming on RMS and Reddit and move on, but don't treat us like stupid children.
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Wait, there is second page lmao, I feel soo silly.


Quote from: 2k2 on Oct 23, 2023, 07:57 AM(including racism, homophobia, xenophobia etc) and worst: RMT.

certified gamer right here


Quote from: Orange on Oct 23, 2023, 08:23 AMcertified gamer right here
Oops. That sounded really bad haha.  /heh

Fixed it, I meant the worst they have done is Doxxing, as some of their members were doing to Payon Stories players during the "PvM Council" drama.
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I just, feel it's right to leave this here as well... from reddit

"Apologies if I answered poorly anyone here, I tried to correct what I could/saw, I understand now it's entirelly on your right to flame and be suspicious, and even if we put effort and are being honest, there is no reason for you to believe or be happy with the current product/server/situation, I acted on emotion based on my efforts frustration, and that's on me, you are not my friend and life is like that, hope yall have a good day."

Do hope yall have a good day, and that the situation gets solved in the long run, I think I'm out of emotional and energy juice myself, I mean, the reddit answer explains how I feel I suppose, I do wanna state that... effort was put into it, lots


Welp, sad story.
Don't be too hard on yourself dude.
But goes ultra hard on bug abusers, corruption, RMT, and nepotism.
Goes ultra hard to choose the right person in charge.

The enemy of low-rate PS is not lack of work ethic, but lack of professional-decisive decision-making.



Lol. It's like I have gone back a decade, reading all of this. Some things and some red flags just don't change. A pity for those who wasted their time on this.


They removed their server from RMS since it has so many bad reviews hahahah what a joke


Most of their re-balancing and new ideas are really bad and show they have very little experience playing this game, not to say how some of this Ranking perks are super powerful while others being more than useless, for example Wizard's 30% chance to not consume Blue Gemstone on Safety Wall, while Wizard Link completely removes any Gemstone catalyst requirement from all of Mage/Wizard skills (bar Ganbantein) and is already used in all competitive scenarios, wether it is pvp or pvm.

Shameless server. On their first reddit post they were already spreading lies and trying to boost their credibility by using successful servers names:

You can read the whole original text here as the original post was deleted from r/RagnarokOnline

Then after their claims, u/ZulfBracket (GM Zulf from OriginsRO) questioned them about this mentioning, just to be received with a very defensive stance by u/luckyblackcat ([CM]LuckyBlackCat from Midgard Legends)


In this screenshot, you can see the [CM]LuckyBlackCat backtracking with their lie and trying to save face.

A user asks who are the "10+ years experience from OriginsRO" people they're talking about and u/luckyblackcat/[CM]LuckyBlackCat says the information is wrong, it's actually 10+ years of multiple different servers and 8+ years of Origins.

Here u/luckyblackcat/[CM]LuckyBlackCat confirms [ADM]Loki is GM Cronwell from OriginsRO.

Zulf then explain why they want no affiliation with their former GM Cronwell (current [ADM]Loki of Midgard Legends), hinting there are bad things in his history.

Another reddit user ask for more details and then Zulf goes to explain that GM Cronwell/[ADM]Loki was only part of OriginsRO staff for a few months, working as a Support GM, disappeared for a very long time and then suddenly returned without saying anything and proceeded to do some shady activities. Zulf confirms this GM Cronwell/[ADM]Loki didn't get any experience as an actual GM since all he did was be a Support GM for a few months. Zulf then questions where they got the "10+ (later 8+) years experience as a OriginsRO ADM/GM".

u/skyleo23, more commonly known as GM Kreuzbube from OriginsRO, also confirms GM Cronwell/[ADM]Loki has never done any dev work on Origins.

u/skyleo23/GM Kreuzbube goes into details about registering dates to debunk ALL of their claims about having years of experience in OriginsRO, stating that GM Cronwell/[ADM]Loki GM account had little more than 1 year, and his normal-player account had only 3~4 total years on Origins.

After some players from Midgard Legends tries to defend the lies, Zulf then asks if they want them to publicly post evidences of GM Cronwell/[ADM]Loki corruptions.

u/skyleo23/GM Kreuzbube politely explain why they don't want any affiliation with Midgard Legends/[ADM]Loki/GM Cronwell unless they want the bad things GM Cronwell/[ADM]Loki did during his time as staff in OriginsRO.

NOW ANOTHER SIDE OF THE SAME STORY: A SUPPORT TICKET & DIRECT CONVERSATION WITH [ADM]LOKI WHERE, ONCE AGAIN, MAKE LOTS OF FALSE CLAIMS AND TRY TO BOOST HIS CREDIBILITY THROUGH LIES. NOTE: It's not me on the screenshots and I have a video of the entire conversation between tl22 and Midgard Legends staff. I cropped the more important parts, blatant lies and corruption with the p2w group.

(You can use Google Lens to better translate every line in the following screenshots)

Note: the 2 ":eyes:" reaction were from [GM]Skadi (formerly [GM]Peach on Ragna4th and also a member of p2w for years) and [GM]Yuuf, both corrupt GMs that were kicked from previous brazillian servers

> tl22 states how within 10min of p2w being on discord, some of them were banned for calling staff members racist names and justifying it.
> [ADM]Loki admits he was a GM in OathRO, that he didn't partake the staff corruption and RMT in that server and that he knows p2w guild and has loads of evidences against them ready for use. He then goes to say that he's not Leaf, Walterion or Daurgi (all OathRO GMs)[/b], and that "he was trained by Haru, Kreuzbube, Ischia and Repth" (all OriginsRO GMs) and once again lie about having been an OriginsRO GM for 8 years.

>[ADM]Loki: "the moment they (p2w) break a rule, they will be instant banned, and we're keeping close eyes on them".
Reminder that at this point, 2 of their members had already been banned from discord over racist comments against one of the GMs, and next day on the server launch, they abused of multiple bugs and exploited a lot of balance oversight they discovered during the Open Beta where some of their members (including Reborn, their leader) participated, found bugs but never reported anything.

>[ADM]Loki claims he was so feared/respected back as a GM in OriginsRO that an entire Russian RMT guild of 50 players left the server as soon as they read his name.  /...

>tl22 warns that a big future problem should be dealt with as soon as possible, before it snowballs.
>[ADM]Loki: "you have to trust me. Nothing will snowball here and the ones who made a mistake were already banned (talking about the racist users that got banned from discord).

>[ADM]Loki says he's inside over 50 RMT groups/websites.
>tl22 mentions about Reborn admitting and proving he ran a RMT scheme with OathRO staff and questions how/why he allowed this RMT to happen from the beginning to the end of the server.
>[ADM]Loki claims this was Leaf's and Oath(keeper)'s job, and he was just a rebalance and Bot/Macro investigator GM.
Note: Both OathRO and Payon Stories were/are plagued by a botting problem that the staff says it doesn't exist. Very suspicious he happened to be the GM that should be working on this problem.

>[ADM]Loki: "tl22, I give you my word, stay calm. I won't let them (p2w) do anything bad."

>[ADM]Loki: "there won't be warnings" (about p2w members never stopping even after mutes, warnings or bans).
>[ADM]Loki: "this is me and Skyleo (GM Kreuzbube from OriginsRO), I was trained by him."
>[ADM]Loki: "everything is under control, and we proved that today" (in the banning of the racists).

>[ADM]Loki: "months? we have plans to last for years".

>[ADM]Loki: "they won't last a week with me here".
>[ADM]Loki: "I was known as GM NoMercy o OriginsRO, and it wasn't for nothing. There are no second chances or forgiveness. They make a mistake, they get banned, and I won't have any pity for them".
>[ADM]Loki: "our (player) numbers are too big for me to fear banning 20 or 30 players".

Reddit users that played servers with some of the same corrupt staff members of Midgard Legends, said [GM]Skadi from Midgard Legends is the former [GM]Peach from Ragna4th, where she and her friend [GM]Yuuf (another GM from Midgard Legends and Ragna4th) were both kicked out from the staff after getting caught helping their group exploit major bugs.

[GM]Skadi also happens to be a p2w player for years, always playing with a priest named Peach
, probably more remembered always duo-ing with a GC Crusader in Glast Heim dungeons on OathRO and Payon Stories, but also currently playing Midgard Legends.

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Wait until Leo knows about this one.

Quotehe was trained by Haru, Kreuzbube, Ischia and Repth

Not even funny. The least they name us, the better.


Quote from: 2k2 on Oct 24, 2023, 07:04 PMwall of text

Wow, trying to ride on the backs of other successful servers is a really weird thing to do. Some might even call it CRINGE! Quite a shame as the devs seem pretty skilled on their own merit.


Quote from: Zulf on Oct 24, 2023, 07:18 PMWait until Leo knows about this one.

Not even funny. The least they name us, the better.

Right? I cringed hard reading this whole ticket, the things he was claiming and how big of a shameless liar he was being. He's trying really hard to use Origins' popularity to make his server look legit.
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Quote from: ForgotMyOldAccount on Oct 24, 2023, 07:26 PMWow, trying to ride on the backs of other successful servers is a really weird thing to do. Some might even call it CRINGE! Quite a shame as the devs seem pretty skilled on their own merit.
They seem skilled by what you read on their ads or wiki, but the reality is that they ain't skilled at all, in fact, their server was so majorily bugged and exploitable they had to shut down 2 days after launch and re-do an open beta to fix all the problems.

And most of their bold ideas are very poorly balanced too, like the Ranking System this thread talks about and some borderline broken numbers on a few skills, like Holy Cross doing nuclear damage.
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