Med Rate or High Rate?

Started by Latte, Oct 10, 2011, 12:55 PM

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I often wonder if servers take in consideration in what type
of server they make. Is it fair for us or for them?

Do people prefer a Med Rate with like no customs/ no third jobs,
or a high rate with like no customs/third jobs.

That's how I prefer it, but I was wondering what people prefer.

What is your TYPE of a server?


Depends on what the server has to offer, if the server is just a with mvp nerfed card drop rate and nothing more to offer, no thx.


I like low or mid rates with the option of third jobs (I don't care about getting them myself though, but I like the option to be there), customs that aren't gamebreaking and don't necessarily have to do with gear... and a good community is a massive part of it too.


High rates with a lot of customs, high item drop rates, low mvp card drop rates (around 2-3%) considerate card drop rates (3-5%)

255/120 max stat 250-255

PvP based server with extensive customs and equips that balance the classes

WoE competitive with good castle drops to make it worthwhile.

2nd jobs only!!


Like what the people posted above, it depends on the server has to offer.

I do prefer mid rates though.


I rather mid rates with very lil customs or none at all, and with no 3rd jobs because they're unbalanced