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Author Topic: Lupon RO -- the fake Mid rate server  (Read 2158 times)

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Offline frenchbaguettey

Lupon RO -- the fake Mid rate server
« on: Aug 07, 2020, 11:57 am »
The server has been up for less than a week and they are constantly nerfing zeny spots. If modifying the sell price wasn't enough, they are now reducing drop rates of items as well (originally advertised as 10x) in popular party spots. If you advertise a server as a midrate and CONSTANTLY nerf obtaining zeny, it will become more and more like low rate. And I would had not joined if then. Keep in mind they have a low rate server too. This was supposed to be a PVP server they said. In some cases, drop rates are even lower than 1x rates.

There is also no autoloot, but instead a greed clip that is in the donation. Also @go command is only available with donation, giving donation players a huge lead since zeny is practically hard to obtain. For example, evil druid card is .10% drop but is being sold for 2m on a 10x server. So zeny is very hard to come by. People cannot afford to just spam butterfly wings, but people with donation commands can constantly go for heals. Donation is what is driving the economy. Because donations is very much needed to basically spare your frustration, donation point redemptions are ALWAYS backed up. You would wait on average 2 days to get your points because everyone donates and they will review donations case by case confirming payment received. They have a person dedicated to solely doing donations which takes forever due to the large player pool.

They are also banning everyone on their discord for a reasonable criticism about their management, to hell with it, I was banned for mentioning about their kicks. I understand they like to see things their way but voicing an opinion is just not tolerated apparently.

What keeps players playing is actually the numbers only. Which is mostly just a bunch of RMT farmers. If you look at their ban logs, they have banned so many bots. This server is definitely not my cup of tea.


Offline jacobo_bobo

Re: Lupon RO -- the fake Mid rate server
« Reply #1 on: Aug 07, 2020, 12:30 pm »
I get your frustration.. but don't forget this is their private server and they can basically do whatever they want with it.

Its up to you whether to play it or not. There are thousands of other servers out there. I don't agree with bashing a private server just because it doesn't match your perfect server criteria.

Their reduced rates are their way to keep zeny valuable.. otherwise you will start to see prices in the hundreds of milions or even billions of zeny. There are other ways to accomplish the same result, by adding zeny sink features but i guess they went for the easier method which is to reduce the rate at which most profitable loots are obtained.

As for their tactics to get donations... I guess it's what they think its best. Again, its your choice whether you agree with the way the staff runs their server and implements balance between donators and non-donators. If you don't like it, i really doubt anybody is forcing you to play it.

False advertisement? I don't think so.. Are their base/job exp rates still considered mid-rates? if so, regardless of their drop rate, they would need to advertise as a mid rate server.. not a low rate or high rate.

Banning people for bashing their tactics, again.. you can either like their server and play or not play. There are polite ways to raise concerns and suggestions.. you wouldn't like someone coming into your home and telling you how to decorate it. They can suggest it nicely and you would probably take their suggestion but if they are bashing your decorations in a bad way you would  more than likely just kick them out of your home. Same concept applies to private server in my opinion.

Just my 2 cents - I dont play LuponRO and have never played it. I'm speaking as an outsider.
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Offline frenchbaguettey

Re: Lupon RO -- the fake Mid rate server
« Reply #2 on: Aug 07, 2020, 12:51 pm »
I don't intend on bashing the server, just stating a point of view and allowing peers who would like to discuss this server without their administration mediating the conversation and removing people. On their discord, we were talking and they forcefully ejected all of us who were in discussion about this.

They should be able to manage their server however they like. I agree but if they want to serve this as a PVP/WOE server but make it necessary to put in the hours as you would in a low rate, why bother with this server. WOE supplies are usually farmable in BG but they said that you would need to farm it yourselves the legitimate way.

Offline tandori2020

Re: Lupon RO -- the fake Mid rate server
« Reply #3 on: Aug 07, 2020, 03:58 pm »
To the readers, if you're familiar with ggRO (HotshotGG's server), Lupon is the same. It has nothing to offer aside from real money trading, marketing is carried by a popular Filipino streamer.

LuponRO started as a mid rate server. During that time, classic servers started to pop out so their team decided to make their own classic server. Because obviously, that's where they can earn more. While everyone's busy with their classic server, they just suddenly closed down their mid rate server.

A few weeks after the opening of their low rate server, economy died and botting became rampant. From 2k players, it dropped to less than 1,000 (mostly vendors).
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Now that their low rate server is about to die. They need to salvage the business and started a mid rate server which will most likely die next month.

There are many deserving servers, you just need to look around.

Just treat it as another chickenRO or ggRO. Great hype then dies fast. People should know better now.