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ok, ^ topic, discuss your love and hate, future prediction and everything towards it, how were u treated there, or anything with the gms / corruption / abuse etc (if any) /heh

i quit already, my guild leader quit, i am not going to stay, that's it.  I was pretty inactive anyway.

>_> this might get something going since a few of us are from there.

(i am not going to provide link to it, just google it if you are interested.)

i won't be at it's funeral

I think it'll survive for a pretty long time.

I personally think that the servers quality is okay.  However, since the servers owner has a life, it'll probably be transferred soon.

hahahahahh gravit3h owns lah
i would want to join your guild grav, seriously. i miss ppl like you, all that is left in lunaris now is **** and gm suckers

riot...server transferred from rikku to koldar not long ago...u think it's gonna transfer again soon?

i will sure take that as a hint lol since u know koldar more than any of us.


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