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Started by Sushi30, Aug 21, 2006, 07:41 AM

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Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to all this RO business. I donwloaded and installed both the kRO and the Sakray client. How do I start playing on the private servers?


you find a server that suits your playing style, for example pick a rate, pick a server with or without warper / resetter /  etc  then you read their connection instruction on their site.  Sometimes they give you the IP and you have to create an sclientinfo to connect to them, that's not too friendly for beginner tho.  Some other server you have to download and install their server's patch, that way you just have to download, install, run patch, then connect and there you can play. Of course you have to register an account at their site first or use the _M/_F method (come back if you run into the _M/_F method and having problem xD).

Rate 1/1/1 means is it based on official server's rate:
[1x experience]/[1x job experience]/[1x item drop rate]
2/2/2 is double the official server's rate etc etc so u can figure out 1000/1000/1000 is a thousand time more than the official server's exp/job exp/item drop rate [imho ->] it's for short time fun if you pick a high rate since you don't get the feeling of actually leveling and hunting ...

you can try some servers on the site , there's low rate, mid rate, high rate servers you can pick from, try find one that has their own patcher so it will be easily to install/run.  If the server is good, I am sure the ppl there will help you, most server has a forum or an irc channel to support players.

i am hoping some ppl like el cid or mieu will lead your hand and grab you to their server, hehe, it's not good for me as the site owner to push ppl to try specific this and that...


You can join any server, as long as you stay active on the rate my server forums!


Basically, after you have the kro and sakray client installed, you go find a server's website and download their patch. You then install it to the directory you installed RO in. The patch contains all the server's connecting information and bypasses kro's connection info.

You register on the server's website in their control panel (or message board if they have linked accounts)

Then you make your characters and start playing. Playing as a swordsman -> knight class is a good learning start. Look for a server with mid-high rates and a job changer /warper just so you can familiarize yourself with the game and the interface. Then start playing on low rate servers if you have enough free time and want a good competitive atmosphere.