Low rate server quest ideas?

Started by Decist, Apr 28, 2014, 06:16 PM

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I created a server like around 5 months ago. I wasn't active at all but there are people playing in my server without me advertising it except here. Well.. Since I am free from work for a short while, I am thinking of making quests so that people can have more things to do, making the server a passive one.

I am thinking of making Gym Passes 'questable' but I am not sure what requirements I should choose. I am also thinking of making a quest for my only only custom item that gives 10% protection from monsters of all size (a custom valkyrie helm headgear)

Any ideas? Sorry, but I do have some ideas but not entirely sure if they'd do just fine.


try to look in official quest npc. like feather berret. they can give you hint how to manage items in quest npc