Question: Server attacks?

Started by Satos, Dec 17, 2015, 02:13 PM

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We've seen many RO servers over the years. Some bigger and more successful than others.
With so many servers and so much variation between them, I am curious why people DDoS attack other servers.

I hear that sometimes it happens from disgruntled players that have been banned.
And I've heard that other server owners will do it to disrupt the population of other successful servers, in hopes that people will migrate away from a server that is experiencing technical difficulties toward a server that seems more stable.

But what I really don't understand is why a person would attack a server that is still in it's early beta stage, with a population of less than 10 people testing it.

I'm not going to whine about it. But just to briefly explain... Skip now to (Tl;dr) if you don't want to read this.
The server I'm on was attacked yesterday evening.
The website is down, but fortunately the other parts of the game are spread over multiple servers in different locations; so people can still play.

About two hours after the attack on the website, the patch server was attacked and went down.

Fortunately the owner is on top of things, and was actively involved with trying to fix everything within 10 minutes of the attack on the website.

He logged in, informed us of what was happening, and spent most of the evening contacting our hosts and working with them on a solution.

I admire his dedication to his server, and his willingness to communicate what was going on, quickly, so that we were all aware of the situation.

He built a temporary web page with an apology greeting message; and asked several of us to check it out and make sure it was functional; so new people could still download and register, and play.

I've said all that to genuinely ask your opinions...why would somebody attack a small beta stage server with less than 10 active testers?
The server isn't the owner's main source of revenue. I've spoken with him. He works 12 hour shifts at a regular job, like any other normal person.

My degree is in public speaking and communications.
My job is to understand and interact with people.
I just do not understand the motive behind this.

Any ideas?

This probably doesn't go in this section. Sorry.


for fun? Trolls who can't achieve anything positive will probably do it to feel powerful for just a moment.

Another thing I could imagine is people who offer ddos protection attacking servers to make their service more attractive. But that may be a little far-fetched..


My server was the target of one of these bullying attempts, where a hosting provider was attacking us while offering us "better DDoS protection."
Obviously caving to that would have given the attacker access to the server credentials, opening it up to more harm.

Sadly when running a server, there are all sorts of malicious attacks you'll encounter, and the only way to be prepared for them is through experience.
First there was defamation, then we had some DDoSing, and lastly someone used SQL injection to mess with our databases. (Thankfully we had backups)
The DDoSer was the only one whose intentions kind of made sense, as awful as they were. There's obviously been other issues, but these are the biggest "server attack" experiences we've had.

My advice is learn from the experiences and keep trying your best to protect your server from any would be attackers.
Thankfully players are generally extremely understanding as long as the owners show that they're putting effort into coming back from the issues.
A strong community won't be destroyed by a day or two of DDoS attacks.


The first month of my server was the most stressful point in my RO Life.
I used to have a developer that worked for a certain hosting company that eventually gave out my servers IP to ddosers because i left his hosting company.
I spent almost all my server funds just to make my server finally protected from these attacks. My server is now running perfectly and im happy that i made this change.
My Players were loyal enough to understand what i was going through, so they waited for me to make the decision to protect the server even more. Im grateful to see these same players on my server daily.
Overall these ddosers want to feel more powerful than the server owner, i was getting threats daily about shutting off my server or they would continue.
I understand the dedication of your server owner and i feel like hes doing a wonderful job <3


Thank you. When I see the owner, I'll pass on the advice.
This has been very encouraging.
Thank you very much.


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80% of server attacks are from pinoy server owners using invision power board standard forums and their alias being 'administrator'