lol look what i found

Started by Shindou, Jul 24, 2012, 11:35 PM

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Server looks dead but look at the fourms from post #40 down.     

dont think the gm understands english so why a gm on english server.  /heh


Well, seems players were aiming to wide him up from post 41 onwards. Lost his cool, and started spouting things. Could've handled it better, but I guess it got to him. Still think there isn't any need for vulgarities - by both staffs & players.

I don't quite get the point of this topic though. You trying to show how bad the staff is, or something?


Despite the fact that I am not entirely sure what the point of this thread is, hosting can easily cost that much.


QuoteWe'd need 2k for it to run for 1 year. I'll try to save enough from my work, but I cant gain that much.
Anyone else here working?

Seems like an admin is asking players to pay for his server.

The problem is that the money isn't even coming from "donate to maintain the server alive, pl0x", it's a direct asking and that's the prob :\


The thing is, if hosting costs so much, switch to another company and then build up on savings for a better one -_-. Seriously, some people are just too stubborn on keeping 1 thing going forever when there are tons of options out there (for many types of situations, not just server hosting lol).
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According to the domain used the currency paid to hosting is in RM.  Although looking at the packages the total doesn't add up, probably plus some add-ons.  I won't go into the details in the add-ons because many of them are against the paid service rules.

Google tells me 1 U.S. dollar = 3.1739986 Malaysian ringgits.  So 2k RM is about 630 USD / 12 is still more than $50 USD a month.  Not cheap consider there are cheaper packages in the teens out there.  Assuming the "dedicated server" is shared like a vps. 


no not trying to show how bad the staff is although i would not want them working on my server if i had one up. just found it funny how things can escalate so fast. especially when they dont have english support gm so they dont understand each other "player/GM" when in a situation like this.