Klaipeda RO Copied Custom Content

Started by ednis, Jan 03, 2024, 07:43 PM

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I am unsure if this can be reported here, but I find it unethical to copy and take ownership of content that is not created by this server.

As for everyone who might read this, I am a 4th job enthusiast ever since I started playing 4th job server, I've fallen in love with its endless content. As I was browsing some 4th job servers listed on Rate My Server, I came across Klaipeda RO and checked their website, seems cool at first, they also have their Wiki page, however, I felt disgusted as their wiki showed the same Wiki from the server that I am playing on. The content itself is copied word per word and even the custom content from the server that I am playing on.

Even NPC names are the same. I am unsure how we can reach out to the server owner but I hope by having their server posted here they can have this content taken down.

Original Link:

Copied link:

Images from Midgard Tales:


Images from Klaipeda's Wiki



This isn't something we can govern since we don't have the power to verify ownership of every piece of graphic out there.  But we'll move this to the appropriate area of the forum for discussion.

If the content isn't custom, many server wiki out there might have used iRO wiki as a base.


Every server is a copy from the original gravity's server, i think that the way to get more and better ideas on diferent servers is about doing exactly that, you see others work and you add your bit, that way we could have more fun playing this beutiful game.


This is a common thing with many servers. Some server owners are way more blatant/lazy than others. I used the iRO Wiki as the base for mine, but I saw HanabiRO's wiki and it's literally a copy/paste of NovaRO's old wiki lol.


It is first time I see this, this is funny because the name Ready2Play was total made up for our server Midgard Tales.

But I bet the Devs in Midgard Tales are happy to see that other servers copies their work, literary word for word... /lv



LOL, it's the same thing but in spanish. Can't really act on this, though, given the nature of private servers...


Quote from: Metan on Jan 06, 2024, 12:13 PMLOL, it's the same thing but in spanish. Can't really act on this, though, given the nature of private servers...

Ironically, you can, and you would win a verdict. Unfortunately, the consequences that follow will not fair well when gravity finds you made a claim. :D


Ok... I have a bunch of questions.

- How do you know that it wasn't sold to them?
- How do you know the server owner isn't friends with them?
- How did they get their hands on the NPC? That could be big trouble depending.
- How do you figure that this is custom content? It's just an NPC, I wouldn't go as far as to say that necessarily qualifies, even if it is technically "custom".

Yes, I agree it's s*** to copy and steal other people's stuff... but man, it's humanity. I'd say that's decently par for the course. I think the big problem is if someone takes for themselves, abuses and waters down... not necessarily the act of taking something and expanding upon it. Generally, good people will try to work with the person they are trying to copy from.


Quote from: Blinzer on Mar 19, 2024, 02:07 PM- How do you know that it wasn't sold to them?
- How do you know the server owner isn't friends with them?
Good questions. The pages and everything are all so similar that these cannot be ruled out. Anyhow, it's honestly amusing, looking at these again, lol.

Personally, if I had content copied down to the letter like this (if it's really like that), while I'd be pissed to the core, secretly, I'd be proud of myself. No better way to confirm that you've done a good job than this... of course, that's just generally speaking as I haven't played Midgard Tales, I've tried Renewal a couple times across different patches and it's just not for me.


I mean... they're questions that are supposed to be verified before making claims, not after.


Yeah, I got ahead of myself in my previous post. Looking back, it's not just the content of the wiki, the UI itself is exactly the same as the original page. You'd think the alleged plagiarizer would at least pick a different style so people don't catch on right away, and wikis across the world have different ways to portray info, so it's a real possibility that I didn't really consider at first. Finally, if this thread is anything to go by, whoever is in charge of Midgard Tales doesn't seem to mind, at least not enough to write about it.