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Started by Usako, Aug 15, 2006, 03:56 PM

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There is no need to get rude with me at all casue i have not said anything rudly or anything to that matter to you

and second you may say this has nothing to do with me and you are right but i dont see you saying anything to the other 5 or so ppl that are responding to this as well

All i was trying to do is help get this resolved and i was not making any comments on who made this and you made that

also Yc already suggested something to help out and also I have pmed you to try to get this resovled meaning getting contact info and what not.....

If you are indeed in collage then u r not a dum person and u can be clam as well so lets take this one step at a time instead of bad mouthing more and more thats all.....

" Dam you try to help calm down a problem and everyone bites ur head off"
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Quote from: Kittomi on Sep 28, 2006, 01:59 PM
if you have ever played IRO there are quite a few people who play with their kids

its not that far out there and I do not play all the time. I have a life.

Mhmm. And you're 38. And playing RO. I rest my case.




I am not mature. And I never said I was. But enough with the off-topicness. Let's move to PM's or just drop the subject, 38-year-old. =)


I already told you how they can contact me. Here. Another option is via IRC. My nick is Usako (dur). but if they want my contact info then why dont they come here and get it. they are perfectly capable.

if they want to contact me on irc they can do so in #usakojynx. it will not be a private chat but everyone but us WILL be quiet.

Where did I say anything rude to you...about how it's not your business? it's not. it's not anyone else's business, and i have told other people to stop replying as well. but no one has stopped replying.

But i'm not sure I have to listen to people that talk like junior high students. "collage" "u r not dum". i'm sorry but i dont generally listen to internet speak.

As for being 38 Kittomi...i didn't mean it's weird you're playing RO. my dad who is 47 played RO once (though it wasn't his type of game :p). I just think it's silly you're sitting here arguing with "a bunch of kids" as you'd put it. Again, I say it's none of your business. if vash or jynx wishes to speak with me i have stated their options.


Credits of the image to VGCats, though.



ok I am srry Usako I mis read what you said and about my so called internet talk is only casue i am at work and trying to type as fast as i can before the boss see's me or a customer comes in thats all lol....

I have just been trying to chill this subject and in no means flame anyone but i know i disrespected Slaw and erKURITA and i think Ragna But I apologized to them already
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sooo i dont really have all day to wait for them to contact me. i have some appointments. i'll remain in the channel but i can't guaruntee i'll be active at some points.

the server is irc.deltaanime.net and the channel is #usakojynx. everyone feel free to join. but once the main attraction shows up you will all be quiet as a mouse. only squeaking allowed.

kittomi when did i ever "slander" your kids? so what...are you jynx's or vash's mother or father? if so then stop believing your kids are all sugar and honey. i know parents are supposed to do that (believe me...i know...my brother is a useless bum and my parents dont really do anything about it).

and stop deleting your posts.


Quote from: Kittomi on Sep 28, 2006, 02:22 PM
Anything to do with my kids is my business

and slandering one of them definitely is.

Heh, "your kids"? This is getting more amusing every moment. I thought Vash was 19? Wouldnt that be old enough to take care of his own problems? Not like I actually believe you're his parent or whatever.


vash is 19?

and he's married?

that's a little young o_o


Meh, dont believe everything you read on the net. Most of it's made up by some 14-year-old J-poper anyways.


I would like to extend a late aplogy to anyone I had flamed. If any. I've been at work, that's why this is so late. I would like to be there to hear Vash apologize to Usako for the words said in his post here on RMS. I believe they were extremly uncalled for, and I don't think anyone (esopecially girls/women) should be talked to like that. I would also like to hear Vash aplogize for him saying that he had started and built Freya from the ground up. for those that know me, I am an eAthena moderator, and for the better of both communities (eAthena and Freya) I kinda want to see this apology.

I don't know about Usako, but if it were me, I would allow Jynx to continue using said sprites, as long as an apology was made, and proper credit were given (in a post on your forums would do for me, just as Usako has done for her server). That is my opinion, and should no way be made for what Usako has to say, she has her own opinions too <3


Okay topic is finally going to be closed.  I was waiting for the flame to die.

The activity is lowering and the argument should come to a conclusion.

I know there was a lot of off topic/flaming posts and it goes against the rule of this board.  However, since this was a big issue, I let all of that slide.  People need to speak their minds.  I haven't censored any posts (except the ones that really need it) and haven't deleted any posts.  There was only one person who kept doing that and you should all know who that is by reading the contents of those posts.

This topic is now 100% closed.  Nobody is going to open it again.  Everybody seems to have spoken their mind.

If you want to say something, please connect to irc.deltaanime.net, channel #usakojynx (http://webchat.deltaanime.net if you don't have an irc client).  Otherwise, PLEASE DO NOT start new topics.