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I was browsing some servers, and came across one that I had been tols steals things from other servers, so I went in to check it out. They in fact DO steal. They took my pimp hat sprite that was meant only to be ued by my server and PimpRO (the people I made it for). This pisses me off greatly and I hope other people will look down on them for doing such things as well.

pay me 50$ and i destroy that hosts bank account and his money balancing olol

it's really hard to stop stealing, sad to hear that.  i think ppl just do whatever with whatever sprites they got from random servers without knowing who made them and was it meant to be used by others ...

Yeah the thing is that unless they stole it about 6 months ago, they would have stolen it knowingly. The installer with my exclusive stuff has a serial code, and they have to get the link to it from me. So they probably "hacked" it or something unless they got it a while back. But I was on their site not long ago and they didn't have it. So I dunno. Still lame :( but at least they didn't steal more as far as i know.

Well, items are extremely easy to get.  Those with your serial code could be passing the files around the internet like Sumsum with girls.  It does suck to have your stuff stolen but I don't think there's a way to fight it.  You can always try contacting the owner and see if he/she will comply but that usually never works.  Best if you raised a mob of 2.5k citizens and marched for your rights.


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