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Started by Usako, Aug 15, 2006, 03:56 PM

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Quote from: Anubis on Sep 28, 2006, 07:38 AM
In the words of a great robot "Bite my shiny, metal donkey"
I mean where do you people get off comparing Vash to Hitler...
you people realize hitler murdered hundreds of thousands of people just for being differnt...
compared to the s*** you are accusing vash of....its just crazy.
I have known vash close to 8 years, and some of this s*** you people are saying utterly horrid.

Coming soon to Jynx Online, JO Radio...created by me, not any of you stupid mother f*ckers so dont try and claim it and attempt such slander on me. >:(
So be sure to Play Jynx Online and listen to JO Radio ;D

Anyway, I don't really want to get involved with Jynx anymore. But yeah, I'll tune in sometimes.

To Vash and Jynx if you are listening. It's not that we don't want to bring you to court. It's because after your little threat going to court, you never bothered us to give your lawyer's phone number whatsoever. If you are the best, prove it. If you aren't the best, stop acting like the best. You are nowhere near the best, you noobs.


STFU Kittomi and GTFO. We know who you truly are, and please, you were the one who said this is wasting your time. If it is wasting your time, don't join in. Now, shoo. Off to your fellow lame Jynx-Online GM team.


Quote from: Kittomi on Sep 28, 2006, 07:52 AM
END IT ALREADY this is something for VASH JYNX and OSAKA only to be involved in NO ONE ELSE SHOULD BE IN THIS IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.

I can't remember how many times you said this, but where is Vash (after that one post)? where is Jynx (now that i see the 4th person in your 5 ppl home registered, i dont see a reason why jynx can't register unless she's real dumb)? the only talking party is Usako (OSAKA is a city for the ignorants http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osaka, please do not make changes to the wiki page of this wonderful city).

Usako asked for their contacts, no one is say anything constructive to help.  If you really want it to end like you said, you would have given valid contacts of them already.


Quote from: erKURITA on Sep 27, 2006, 09:16 PM
Couple things:
QuoteYou are in the wrong as well erKURITA coming on the forums and trying to flame ever thread in there lol
That made me laugh. Quite some. I never, ever flamed on your forums, I actually kept myself shut regarding eAthena and Usako, but no, you guys had to delete the threads. Oh and Demon, you know Click and me were right on that thread. Face it.

what in the world is that soppose to mean...

I know that Im was in those threads lol.... I was the one the ended some of them casue they got resovled lol so again like i stated to you before why would anyone keep something up or doing if it was resolved

also I just want to point out casue i do not want to get this twisted. I in no shape or form insulted anyone but Slaw and I apologized for that
Kittomi is right to the point that it should be between Jynx/vash and Usako and yes i understand some or most of you feel that Jynx and vash will not come on but, maybe if ppl would stop flaming and throwing insults on both sides that contact will be made, thats all i am saying ..

there is no need to slanded Usako's server nor ours

Usako has the same idea for her server as Do Vash

They both built it for the better half fer say and have fun

Usako I understand that yo want an apologize and or credit where u feel credit is due and also about the disrespectful comment

This is in no way shape or form a demand , just a comment and or thought

- do u think a little apologize to them about the contacting them part?

and ppl dont get invvoled with post ccasue i already know what you guys are going to say..

this is a post for Usako and me and i am in no postion to question anything nor do i feel i did in anyway and try to prove anything .
I just was trying to ask questions and the wierd thing is most of them never even got responded to like pl read them and didnt know what to say. ( not a big deal)
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Okay, I am not going to lock this topic just yet, because I don't want to reopen it later when contact can't be made between Usako and Vash/Jynx. 

Everyone please control your language and behave.  Do not post any insults and flames anymore, you may post apology if you felt that you offended someone in your previous posts. 

So now, the key to stop this is to make the contact between Usako and Vash/Jynx.  So that they can talk (msn/aim/irc/email/etc) to solve the problem with the stealing sprite issue.   

However, someone can suggest something for the claim that Vash created Freya and that Jynx-Online isn't running on eAthena nor Freya.  Maybe someone from eAthena can contact Vash directly, if eAthena do care about this issue, otherwise what can we do? nothing but spread the word that you yourself believe and/or look for eAthena typos see if you find any and/or expliot bugs from eAthena and see if they work there (joking).

Anyone want to help?  If there is a way for Usako to talk to Vash/Jynx directly, please private message Usako the contact information.  She needs that as the first step.  When I get an answer from Usako that contact has been made, and progress is on going, I'll lock this topic.  If you think this sound one sided, anyone that has Usako's contact and with her permission you can private message that to Vash so Vash can contact Usako if he wanted to.  Because it is Usako that is looking for Vash/Jynx, we have to make sure from Usako's side that they get in touch before topic close.

For now, general chat ON TOPIC is ok, no flaming no pointing finger please, or better just don't talk if you have nothing to say. Thank you.


I'd like to give a sorry to all the people I hurt, but that still doesn't change the fact that Jynx and/or Vash needs to apologize. I see that Vash is a big fat liar after all the things he has done, including changing the Wiki.


Well, the wiki is a problem no more:


All the "Contributions" they made.


All his "moving".


The end.

Oh and, who is KenBeoulve ? Your "beloved" admin, Jynx. Or Vash. Whoever it is, this is the proof, found on their site (screenshot'ed already :)):

Name   GM Level            Most Likely On                              MSN                  Real Name             
Jynx         99   Usually on after a patch is released   KenBeoulve @comcast.net   Falon


So, how low will they get in order to prove what is not right?


How do I message Usako? I would prefer not to post on here for all to see they way to get hold of Vash and Jynx privately

As it has been admitted this whole thing is between the three of them only.


So Kittomi, erKURITA has given all the stuff you need to know. I'll give you two choices. STFU, or STFU. Choose.


Ragna , Yc just ask not for anyone to insult anyone anymore

Please keep those to ur self..

But anyway

Thank you Yc for that comment that some of us has been trying to do in the case of keeping it on point and no flaming and just between Usako and Jynx/Vash

All Rageful Zen and I where just trying to get the lvl of abuse fer say down to a mature lvl and( not the word i want to use but ) down to  a professional lvl.

Kitt, justin, anubis and all others from our side fer say please chill out and let me and Rage handle this to the point and not have too many things going at once with Yc. Riot and Usako ok

I know all of u trust Rageful Zen and I so let us do this our way....

the only reason they will back off is casue they have respect for me and Rageful Zen casue of the Good job we do on the server to keep it fun and as comfortable as possible.
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Poor Demon and Rageful Zen. Well, my apologies to you first after all that flaming. I believe that you guys are nothing but a GM in the server, so you shouldn't be shouted at in any way. However... Jynx... Vash... >.>


Ah no, I don't trust any of you guys from JynxRO. "Raise fame and lay on bed" is a saying we have (Meaning, everything you do will be taken in count for the future) in Venezuela. So don't come saying "I know all of u trust Rageful Zen and I so let us do this our way...."

Your way? The Lying way? No thanks. And if Usako is talking with those two, I'll join aswell. Be it on IRC or MSN, I don't care, but I have "legal issues" to solve with Vash, regarding his lawsuit threat (I want to talk with his lawyer, if it's true he has one). Another thing is if Usako herself request me to stay appart.

So you're now the ones contacting Usako? Funny though. What better way than here, in public? Or would you rather on your forums?

PS: I got suspended on your forums. No worries, I can still browse :)


I'd like to join in the talks as well. I'll be an eyewitness that Jynx and/or Vash APOLOGIZED to Usako, or if the Jynx team does more flaming, they'll get it from me. Badly.


Quote from: yC on Sep 28, 2006, 09:16 AM
So now, the key to stop this is to make the contact between Usako and Vash/Jynx.  So that they can talk (msn/aim/irc/email/etc) to solve the problem with the stealing sprite issue.   

know if thats not enough proof for you erKURITA

Yc just stated not matter how it gets done just get it done fer say

meaning we will do our part in getting the contact together
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Yeah, but as the saying goes, TALK IS CHEAP. Let's get it started in here. xD