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Started by Novus Orbis, Nov 18, 2013, 10:48 PM

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Novus Orbis

So, it won't probably fly well with all of you beautiful people( That's why it's an opinion) But I think there should be a change in the way you get MvP cards in-game. I think the drop system for a card that powerful is just to unfair( hear me out now, I'm not going to beg for heals, buffs, zenny pl0x). Just think, you play on an official server, where an MvP card has some real value to it, you spend hours upon hours, days upon days, months or even years to get that one MvP card you've been dying to get, where on the other hand, someone who was just bored and Breaking BB's for fun gets something like a Thanatos card or a Tao card on their first kill( I've seen it done). On a server like iRO where the population is around 2500+( Don't f*cking give me sh*t like they're all bots, you guys set up 50 alts just to level and 50 merchants full of crap not worth selling) hunting MvP's can be fairly difficult. I think it would be more fair to have a lengthy difficult quest to get the reward. And I'm not talking no simple quest, I'm talking like, balls to the walls, crazy hard, several month long, party requiring quests. Just to show that you actually worked hard for your card(get it, it rhymes).

Sorry for the bit of rant and rave there, but what do you guys think? Would it be effective? Or, a 'meh' not really that big of a deal kind of thing.


Quests would be boring, imo. The best is to adapt a couple of stuff presented already in some MMOs and mix them like:

◙ Vindictus - Dungeon ladder but with solo and Raid versions of the mvps [I know that this isn't really what is presented at Vindictus but is the best example that I can think right now]. Raid is pretty much just an hardcore version of it made for a party in an timed instance [yes, 100% sure that is impossible to solo]. Solo is the normal "farm kill".
◙ RO2 - Weaker versions of the mvp card presented as an high rate drop. This would make sure that your time wouldn't be wasted at 100%. Who wouldn't want a GTB that would block dispell but just blocks 0% of the magical dmg?
◙ WoW[? dunno, never wasted much time in there, too much stuff in the screen for me but I think it has this] - rewards for successful raids like points to spent in a npc.


I agree regarding Vindictus because personally, the Raids are amazing. Just popped in to say that since I just recently started :P
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