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is this a P2W server?

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so im was planning to join a server(EpicRO) and was playing their beta and i checked their donation items and this is one of the bundle rewards for donating

take note that this is a mid rate 100x100x10 server (x10 only for droprate)

those items that you're not familiar with,(spoiler alert!!!) they are all freaking OP too

but the server's admin and staffs swear to God that their server is not P2W cuz they said non-donators can farm lmao

so i kept telling them that their server is P2W and these are their responses

Yes it is. Topic closed.

Almost all servers with donation items in 1 way or another way can be classed as P2W.
It all depends on how sensitive the person who plays sees it.

If the admin of this server reads:
A tips, just don't mention or just admit P2W, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong being a P2W server in 2021.

Admit it proudly, and this kind of topics won't exists, since you admit it already <3

When people ask me, is your server P2W, I say loudly: YES!
Good luck.

When the rewards boost your damage or resistance in any way, that's already pay-to-win.

Yeah that's pretty pay to win if you ask me  /... But nothing would be wrong with it if they straight up would own up to it.

Beyond Antartica:
For me, p2w means only donators has access to end game gears. And non donors cannot have those gears unless they pay. Not saying its the actual definition of p2w, but that's just how i view it. On my current server, every important item is obtainable in game.

If u donate, you can get that item the next day, if u can't donate, just grind in a matter of weeks, u can get the exact item as well. Only difference is time.


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