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is it good to play diff game

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Author Topic: is it good thing to move to a diff. private server or just play diff. game  (Read 1784 times)

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Offline rockersole123

i move to jellyro because talonro closed. if gravity just gonna remove the other private server, then our playtime in the server we move will just be quick(if it is a private server).
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For the time being try to explore out of your comfort zone.
There are quite a lot of other mmorpg that actually interesting

Offline Playtester

It's not like I played RO non-stop the past 20 years anyway. I'm able to play other games too (just not MMORPGs because even after trying over 100 different ones, I couldn't find a single one that feels quite like RO and whenever I request an "MMORPG like RO" on Reddit, people just reply it doesn't exist).

My focus right now is to preserve as much knowledge as possible because losing that is the biggest risk.

Latest when Gravity stops caring about RO, a great private server will appear again. Hopefully.

Offline Runik

Gravity still makes plenty of money off of the RO IP via phone games and the Asian servers (just look at the new Malaysian server's opening), so I wouldn't worry about the game itself dying. Honestly, if you're not worried about "being the best like no one ever was", just play the official one. They're definitely business-first/product second, but not as evil as everyone touts it to be.