retRO has shutdown

Started by wasajin, May 07, 2022, 06:18 PM

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I played for nostalgic and had a very disappointing reality check. The progression level on X1 pure classic is extremely brutal. As a player who might want to play casually around 45mins per day, i don't think I want to kill same mobs for months over a year at level 70+ with that available playing time for nostalgic.

Put a little higher rate, I'll be competing with end game content by 1 year.
I didn't have money but alot of time during childhood and despise donators and preferred f2p to play but none. Now I have money but not much of time to boost the play but this is brutal f2p server i long wanted. I'm not getting what I wanted at the right time 😂 to enjoy the game at my pace.

Although retro was the most disappointing experience, the management and team that pull off this project will be remembered for the top calls quality service, communication, support and choice of content and decision making-at completely free of charge. Kudos to admin and GMs 👍


I also noticed a proud aegis classic X1 server closed shop.
Surprising 9.2 rating.
All that time spent to pump up fake reviews /heh

Must be  /sob top right prontera map corner.