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Started by Yuzo, Feb 19, 2016, 02:02 AM

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Just quickly,

For players reviewing a server,
If you're going to lie or exaggerate parts of your review, it helps nobody.
Posting generic, bland, suck-up sh*t gets you and your server nowhere.
When you're explaining how something is "great", provide examples.
Don't bring your stupid drama to this forum. Keep it to your own community or even the rant and rave section.

For admins reviewing their own server (lol?),
If you tell a bunch of s***, new players are going to download your server with expectation, have a brief negative experience then leave.
Or they'll come in with no expectations, give your server a chance for whatever reason, then realize it's up to SFA.
Despite RO being an open-world game, offer your players guidance on how to best experience it.

If you got banned,

If an admin/gm asked you to make a review,
Make an effort. Being half-assed looks bad on the server, it'd be better off not being reviewed at all.

kk peace.


This isn't exactly a review, I am moving it to discussion.

I'll add that:

If an admin/gm offering you item / coin / point / event / lucky draw in exchange for you to write a review, tell me about it :)


Rank the reviews by ratio of helpfulness and reduce the scale range from 0 to 10 like MAL or Amazon.

But also categorize the review based on version or patch number and produce an aggregate score.

Also allow players to rewrite their reviews per version or patch number.

Linking in threads from the forum related to server by tagging would be cool too.

Anyone with an Amazon or MAL account knows that this system works generally well, where incremental version numbers is analogous to sequels.

The caution is that helpfulness or up voting systems only promote accepted opinions.

I think this could solve the frustration.


^that's a great idea. I would love to see reviews ranked in order of helpfulness. It wouldn't necessarily tell us whether a server is good or not, but it would let us know the review is accurate.


Although it doesn't provide accurate assessment, these systems actually encourage users to write reviews cautiously in fear of getting negative helpfulness, e.g. Reddit's karma system. In other words, users would write safe or informative reviews.

It is probably too late to build this feature though.