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Author Topic: Insulting Servers You Play On  (Read 22613 times)

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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #30 on: Oct 20, 2008, 06:16 pm »
Okay, so why is it that on just about every server you go to you have these seemingly hatred fueled people that just want to kill the image of the server and watch it crash and burn. But, these players still play on that server and they participate in events, in war of emperium,  and etc. So why is it that these players play on the server, yet do just about everything in their power to kill it? So I just fail to understand that, you play there, you have gears there, you have money there, you have friends there, you have characters there, yet you want to kill it?

So just in case you guys  don't understand what I mean here's an example:

A player is on a server, he has a level 97 Whitesmith, and over 15 million zeny to his name, he is fully geared for war of emperium, and has more pots then he'll ever need. Then he repeatedly goes to other places, like the server's forums, and RMS, and creates posts that are meant to be nothing more then harmful, he also goes on alt characters to do things like spam in Prontera, and WPE drop arrows and other annoying acts, he also tells new players to leave, in a not so kind manner and he insults just about everyone. But here's the thing, he still plays there everyday, with his friends and his guild, yet everyday he does everything in his power to hurt the server.

So can someone explain why some people feel the need to do this?

Oh, and the "He's trying to change the server" excuse doesn't work, because he's willing to state that he just wants the place to die

Pure Jealousy.


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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #31 on: Oct 20, 2008, 06:31 pm »
lol its odd, a reason or no reason? it still makes no sense to me =o

but i always find it funny how people like to call me stupid, childish, <insert bad words here>, and other combination's of poorly strung insults just because i have the expectation that people can be half decent ^^

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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #32 on: Oct 20, 2008, 06:45 pm »
Jealousy of being unable to own his own server.


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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #33 on: Oct 20, 2008, 06:48 pm »
Or insensitivity + boredom.

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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #34 on: Oct 21, 2008, 12:36 am »
The drama in and of itself is the reason though.  Let's face it - anyone who puts that much of their time and effort into any RO server's real life probably isn't that interesting.  However, by causing a ruckus they feel important.  They get the attention they crave. 

Think of a three year old trying to get their mother's attention.  If being good doesn't work, they'll do things like finger paint on the walls, etc. so as to get the attention they want.  They don't care if it's negative attention, it's attention.  That's why people flip out and insult the servers they play on.  They do stupid things like that so as to have a name made for themselves.

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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #35 on: Oct 21, 2008, 09:11 am »
Like Okale and Sita said, they do it to get attention. There's one individual in particular that I recall, that person seeks attention in any way they can (usually negative), and I guess he learned that he can get the attention he so desperately craves with conflict, it's probably not done fully conscientiously, and he even tries to be nice sometime, but the next minute he'll be a jerk, he's very unstable. His parents don't like him much from what I know, he doesn't have many friends, bad experiences in the past, he drinks to forget his problems, all that mixed together led the dude to be an overly emotional conflict seeker, so he did anything he could to oppose the gm or the server or spur fighting. He's 20 something, so he doesn't even have the excuse of being young. A lot of trouble maker in RO are in their teenage phase, so it partly (but not fully) explains their angstyness.
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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #36 on: Oct 22, 2008, 05:30 am »

This happens to us all the time, and the reasons vary. Sometimes it's nothing more than attention seeking. Sometimes it's when they think that some kind of "retribution" is necessary for they have been terribly wronged in some way (i.e. we had an issue like this when a player's staff application was rejected). Sometimes it's for no reason whatsoever beyond boredom.
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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #37 on: Oct 22, 2008, 01:10 pm »

And to be fair, people revolt about a lot of stuff.  I mean really, this is the crap we get:

GM Staff:  So guys, we found a way that you can abuse the system.  We changed it so  you can't do that anymore.  GO GET STUFF THE WAY YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO!


Seriously, I'd be willing to bet money that I could go through our server reviews and find at least five bad reviews from people that are STILL playing our server.

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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #38 on: Oct 22, 2008, 04:51 pm »
People may not leave a server, even if they completely hate it, for one possible reason: "but all my pwnage gears are here!"


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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #39 on: Oct 22, 2008, 08:01 pm »
We have several players like that on our server. Actually, some of which no longer play on the server yet come back occasionally to pop into PVP or something like that. And several more who do nothing more but troll the forums. We have a handful who like to also give input on suggestions, despite them no longer playing there.

I don't quite understand it really, why they like to come to our forums so much and do this sort of thing. I once played on a server that said on their forums:

Please leave feedback here, but if you plan on trolling because you don't like the server, please kindly leave quietly and give us feedback elsewhere.

Which I thought was fairly pleasant. I ended up leaving the server for various reasons, however, never once did raise a ruckus even if I didn't agree with the server. I left feedback accordingly and that, was the end of that.

There are a few key players, who continue to come back and say a lot of nasty things, about rules, about administration, about other players, despite playing there... or well, not even playing there. The ones that really boggle me are just the ones who come to our forums every day and don't even play on our server >_>. I don't ban them, because really, no rules have really been broken, or not badly, they're just giving their opinion on the server. However, it feels like a rotten apple in the bunch and soon might infect the rest of the crowd u_u
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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #40 on: Oct 23, 2008, 06:44 am »
there are people that are like that regardless of what game you play. its kinda like how i always complain about dota to my friends. but i always play it with them anyway. i dislike the game and i wish it would burn in hell but i still enjoy playing it. i dunno why.

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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #41 on: Oct 23, 2008, 11:10 am »
[quote name='Leeli' date='Oct 23 2008, 08:27 AM' post='170433']
Flames were at a more than reasonable level (much lower than in most of the servers) untill some players came and said it was unbearable and started arguing over it.
Wherever you go there will always be flames.
Flames are pretty much a part of the game and that report is actually a total lie. New players have never been flamed/ disrespected, far from it. I've seen new players being given a few millions/ some nice gear by established players and help with leveling.
What well established players REALY HATE is players who join a server and complain about how established players are overpowered, how it's unfair and how they want to "balance" the situation (aka, open 5 castles per town pliz we want to make the woe boring for everyone so we can get some mufflers).
Heck it's not THAT hard to come on a server and catch up with the established players especially when you come with friends.
Sure you'll be a bit behind in the beginning but if you spent as much energy to level and get geared that you spent complaining you'd be overpowered and would totally crush well established players.

Final word: NEVER try to stop flaming, it just make things realy bad.

[quote name='Lakkan' date='Oct 23 2008, 08:31 AM' post='170434']
[color="#008080"]I've been in a few servers, counting this in, through all my time in RO. EuphRO being the first, I didn't play it for too long, but I'm well aware of the flaming and stuff that happened. It was way worse than here. I mention Euph cause most of the RO private server population nowadays played it, I think. All the other servers had way worse flaming than here, also with a lot bigger pop, which means more people flaming and being flamed, yet when they died - the ones that did -, it had nothing to do with it, mostly. The person who wrote that is/has either:

a) playing a private server for the first time;
b) never been on a serious competitive WoE server, if you can call it that;
c) a *****.

If the flaming is bothersome, you won't find a better place than here to stay, excluding other 100 pop servers, perhaps, since as stated above, any other bigger servers are packed with competitiveness and, therefore, flaming.

This is the average private server population, there might be exceptions, but that's it. Enjoy it and whine less.

Edit: Wao, Leeli kinda beat me to it, I guess.[/color]
Both on StellaRO forums.


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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #42 on: Oct 23, 2008, 11:13 am »
So uh...treating each other like crap makes a fun server?

Damn, my community must be blind to that fact since they...well...get along.

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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #43 on: Oct 23, 2008, 11:20 am »
People do it because they have nothing better to do.


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Re: Insulting Servers You Play On
« Reply #44 on: Oct 23, 2008, 11:20 am »
@superhappy, I think there's a fine line between just being annoyed with a game and targeting a server for all sorts of negativity and whatnot.

@everyone, yes there will be negativity, but perpetuating it drives people to leave. Your community will be left with 12 year olds and drama-whores. If that's the kind of place you wanna play, then go for it.

Also... I still stand by the whole "Bring your issues with the server to light, and leave if nothing gets done" thing.