Does anyone play the recent Ceres-RO?

Started by Kuuie, Jan 10, 2009, 04:01 AM

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Does anyone play the recent Ceres-RO?

I seems to have been down for a long time. Right before it crashed the screen went all black and there were big white words saying "THE END"

Do you think its just closed for updates or is it closed forever! i was beginning to like that server.

Now when you try to go to the ceres-ro site, it redirects you to Ragtop200. cant access forums.

AHH, WHAT HAPPENED TO CERES! Maybe iam banned?

Ps- i lied about the screen going all black but when i went to the site it did say THE END, about an hour later when you go the site it redirects to ragtop200


Yeah, it's happening to me to. the website is still up, but the forums and control panel take me to the Top 200 as well... and when I try to start the game I get an error. :[ I don't know what happened. Though, I'd like to!


I played the old Ceres... They went down again? I was looking around at private servers, and went to check Ceres. It just redirected me to top200. Meh.